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The multi-step process of selecting a site for the Green Bay NERR is overseen by three committees: Site Coordination Committee, Site Development Committee, and Site Evaluation Committee.

Public Engagement

A virtual Kickoff Event will launch the site seleciton process. This event will provide an overview of the process for selecting a site and be an opportunity for community groups, stakeholders, and landowners to ask questions about the reserve designation.

Researcher in a boat taking water quality measurements. Photo by Bobbie Webster.

Site Development

The Site Development Committee will review the relevant geography being considered for a site, draft criteria to be used in the site selection process, and identify 3-5 optimal candidate locations for the Green Bay NERR.

Tall grass at Point au Sable Nature Preserve. Photo by Bobbie Webster.

Site Nomination & Boundary Delineation

The Site Evaluation Committee will agree upon a process for applying the site selection criteria. The committee will review the candidate sites and recommend a final site for nomination and delineate boundaries of the proposed site.

A point with trees surrounding at Toft Point State Natural Area. Photo by Bobbie Webster.

Submission of Site Nomination to the Governor's Office

The Site Coordination Committee will prepare a Nomination Document for submission to the Governor's Office and NOAA. The Nomination Package will provide an overview of the process used to a make a final site nomination, the design of the proposed site relative to reserve requirements, the site's compatibility with existing land and water uses, and its alignment with regional stakeholders.

Dr. Lisa Grubisha (left) trains Kathi Arnold on collecting wetland substrate samples with a soil probe. Pecor Point, Green Bay. Photo by Bobbie Webster.