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Deer hunting only is allowed by permit on several of our natural areas. No other types of hunting or trapping are permitted.

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Kingfisher Farm

Peninsula SanctuaryXX
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Toft Point
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*Please be aware that bow hunting in the Cofrin Memorial Arboretum is managed by the The City of Green Bay Deer Management Program. To enroll, visit or contact Austin Larsen (920)-391-3678 or  

For all other UW Green Bay natural areas, permits are given by a lottery system. A link to the online lottery application is customarily e-mailed in August; hunters are alerted if they are selected in early September or early November for gun deer season. If you would like to enter the hunting lottery, message Natural Areas Ecologist, Bobbie Webster, Click here for the 2022 lottery application.

Hunters who are given a permit must follow all current DNR regulations for bow or gun hunting as well as any additional rules as specified by the City of Green Bay, Brown or Door Counties, and the Cofrin Center for Biodiversity for each property.

Hunters are not allowed to damage or cut any vegetation or set up any permanent blinds or create any feeding stations. Hunters must not disturb any research activities and be aware that hikers, students, and research scientists also use trails on our natural areas. Hunters are reminded to pick up any litter including discarded shells and cigarette butts.

Hunters are not allowed to haul duck hunting equipment through the natural areas to hunt on shorelines at Point Sable and Toft Point. Hunters are NOT allowed to access the water by going overland through the natural areas and may not drag or carry boats or canoes to the water. Hunters must use public boat launches or other properties to access the water. Hunting is not allowed on any of the Arboretum or Wequiock Creek Natural Area ponds.