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Do you hope to serve on a nonprofit board? Are you already a board member and want to understand your role better? Are you a nonprofit board leader or executive who wants to develop your board?

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This dynamic noncredit course will help you increase your value as a current or potential board member. Work at your own pace and tailor the on-demand training to your own needs. Bring your fellow board members or professional group, and discuss as you go.

Access quality resources on board service compiled especially for you, including a variety of videos, websites, and publications. Investigate organizations that might interest you as you learn how charities are accountable to the public. Save any information that will be useful for future reference.

The Nonprofit Sector

We begin by sharing information about the vital work offered by nonprofit sector organizations in the U.S. and describing the size and impact of this ‘third sector.’ Did you realize the wide variety of organizations that classify as nonprofit? Hospitals, animal welfare, churches, social services, grant-making foundations, political organizations and environmental causes, and much more!

Getting to Know Nonprofit Organizations

How is a nonprofit organization established, and what are its unique features? Who regulates nonprofits and why are bylaws so important? Nonprofit organizations differ from for-profit businesses in their purpose, sources of revenue, customers, and distribution of profits.

The Governing Role in a Nonprofit

What is a ‘governing board’ and what does it do? As with the wide variety of nonprofit types, there is similar variety in the ways boards operate. Some are ‘working boards’ (where members also work as volunteer staff) while others serve in more of a policy-making role. We share features of ‘high-performing’ boards and highlight common struggles of boards of directors.

Essential Board Responsibilities

You have learned that there are many important activities nonprofit boards undertake to ensure the organization’s dual bottom line, i.e., its financial and mission sustainability. In this module, develop a deeper understanding and a few key skills related to the three vital areas on which boards of directors must focus as they govern the nonprofit organization.

Becoming an Active & Engaged Board Member

We round out the training by describing important ways an individual director can be involved. As a board member, you can contribute new ideas, personal connections and knowledge to support a nonprofit organization? How much money must you contribute? How long a term will you serve? The training concludes with key trends impacting the sector and final thoughts to guide your selection of an organization to serve as a board member.


faculty member Lora Warner
Lora Warner

Associate Professor, Nonprofit Education & Development Network, UW-Green Bay
Phone: (920) 465-2404

Lora Warner, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor in Public Administration at UW-Green Bay. Warner co-leads the Nonprofit Education and Development Network in partnership with the Division of Continuing Education and Workforce Training. Warner teaches courses in public and nonprofit management, program evaluation, philanthropy, and board development. She has worked with many nonprofit organizations on evaluations, grant writing, planning, and needs assessments. She is best known for applied research studies on the community's quality of life, women's career development, and access to healthcare for Spanish-speaking individuals, among others. Her publications include nonprofit responses to the pandemic, evaluations of programs, regionalized quality of life research, and teaching of program evaluation.


consultant Jeff Hahn
Jeff Hahn

Founder, Real World Strategies, LLC, Consultant

Jeff Hahn is the founder and principal of Real World Strategies LLC, where for the past 10 years he has helped nonprofit organizations strengthen their strategic thinking, governance, and collaboration capabilities. In addition, Hahn has more than 30 years of executive leadership experience with Fortune 500 financial services and membership/volunteer-based organizations. Jeff holds the BoardSource Certificate in Nonprofit Consulting and the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits' Excellence in Governance. Jeff serves on the Steering Council for the Fox Valley's Nonprofit Leadership Initiative of the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region. Jeff provided extensive input into the design and contents of this course, supporting its development throughout the process.

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If you need additional guidance, please contact Kayle Petitjean, Office of Professional Continuing Education, at or 920-465-2642.

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