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CLEP (College Level Examination Program) Exams

All CLEP exams are administered by computer at the Testing Center.

Full registration is a two-step process, beginning with reserving a test date by completing and submitting the information here, UW-Green Bay CLEP Online Registration Form then register online with CLEP at (*Modern States is offering "Freshman Year for Free" and is paying the $93 ($95 as of 7-1-24) test fee and scheduling fee for students who enroll in the courses and take the exams. See their website and do not register through CLEP if you intend to go through Modern States: or brochure:

All candidates (with the exception of certain test takers with disabilities) must register and pay their $93 (95 as of 7-1-24) exam fee via My Account at prior to the date of their scheduled exam. Each exam that a candidate takes requires individual registration. Once a candidate registers and pays the exam fee via My Account, he or she will be able to review/print the CLEP Exam Registration Ticket. In addition, the candidate will also receive an automated email confirming the registration and notifying him/her to print the registration ticket (Required to bring with you when you take the test), along with other pre/post test day reminders. A CLEP registration is valid for six months; the expiration date will be printed on the ticket. NOTE: As you complete your CLEP registration, be very sure to fill in the identifying information completely AND accurately. The name on your CLEP registration ticket MUST MATCH exactly the name on your ONE form of identification. If the names do not match, you will not be allowed to test.

With computerized testing, you receive a score report immediately after taking a CLEP exam. Note: You need to wait a bit longer - about three weeks - to hear the final results if you're taking an exam with a required essay (e.g., College Composition).

Find out more about computerized CLEP testing at:

For information about CLEP practice tests visit:

*Note: These sites have no affiliation with the College Board.

A series of free online courses on CLEP subjects is now available through the Modern States Education Alliance. The courses are taught by college professors from leading institutions, and delivered online via the Modern States website. All the courses are free, as are any required textbooks and other materials. Modern States is offering "Freshman Year for Free" and is paying the $93 ($95 as of 7-1-24) test fee and scheduling fee for students who enroll in the courses and take the exams. See their website: or brochure:

UW-Green Bay's Testing Services is an open test center for the CLEP program. We administer all of the exams offered by the CLEP program to anyone. Students may send their scores to any institution that accepts CLEP credit. It is the responsibility of the student to verify an institution's acceptance of an exam before the student registers to take it. A student cannot earn academic credit for previous education or life experiences for which credit has already been earned or transferred from another institution. If you have previously taken a course and did poorly in it, you cannot take a CLEP exam to try and improve the grade.

CLEP General exams cover material most students complete during the first two years of college. CLEP Subject exams cover material taught in college courses with similar titles. Each exam is 90 minutes long (with the exception of College Composition being 2 hours) and typically consists of multiple-choice questions, with some exams also requiring an essay.