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CLEP Equivalencies

***If a CLEP exam is not listed below, that means there is not a UWGB equivalent course and UWGB course credit will not be given for those exams (This includes Information Systems, Principles of Management, and Computer Applications and Management.)***

General Exams are marked as such; all others are Subject exams. If you are a UW-Green Bay student, please be aware of the Policies and Procedures guiding the awarding of CLEP credit at UW-Green Bay. Consult the UW-Green Bay Catalog to match course names to course numbers.

CLEP ExamUWGB CourseCreditsGen Ed CategoryScore Needed
Humanities (General Exam) *HUM + FIN Elective3+3HUM + FIN50
Natural Science (General Exam)*BIOL SCI + NAT SCI Elective3+3BIOL SCI + NAT SCI50
Social Science & History (General Exam) *SOC SCI Elective6SOC SCI50
American GovernmentPOLI SCI 1013SOC SCI50
American Literature #ENGL 216 & 2176HUM50
Analyzing & Interpreting Literature #ENGL 1043HUM50
BiologyBIOL 201 & 2024BIOL SCI50
Business Law, IntroductoryBUS ADM 3053
Calculus [1]MATH 2024QL50
ChemistryCHEM 211/213 & CHEM 212/21410NAT SCI or QL50
College Algebra [1]MATH 1012
College Composition WF 1003
College Mathematics [1]MATH 1012
Educational Psychology, Intro to [2]EDUC elective (UL)3
English Literature #ENGL 214 & 2156HUM50
Financial AccountingACCTG 2014QL50
French LanguageFREN 101 & 1028GC50
German LanguageGERM 101 & 1028GC50
History of the U.S. IHIST 2053HUM50
History of the U.S. IIHIST 2063HUM50
Human Growth & Development [3]PSYCH 2033SOC SCI50
Macroeconomics, Principles ofECON 2023SOC SCI50
Marketing, Principles ofMKTG 3223
Microeconomics, Principles ofECON 2033SOC SCI or QL50
Precalculus [1]MATH 1044
Psychology, IntroductoryPSYCH 1023SOC SCI50
Sociology, IntroductorySOCIOL 1013SOC SCI50
Spanish LanguageSPAN 101 & 1028GC50
Spanish with WritingSPAN 101 & 1028GC50
Western Civilization IHIST 1013HUM50
Western Civilization IIHIST 1023


* General Exams: UW-Green Bay students can receive credit for the Humanities exam, Natural Science exam and Social Science & History exam only if their UW-Green Bay transcript has fewer than 15 credits, including credits for courses in progress and transfer credits taken at a previous institution.

# Effective 4/23/2021, the optional essay is no longer required to be taken in addition to the multiple choice exam.

[1] No credit given if credit already received for a higher level course.
[2] Exam does not meet Education Certification requirements.
[3] B.S.N. students: Contact the Nursing Chairperson to determine how many credits will be awarded.

The following exams have been inactivated and replaced by CLEP. If you took the CLEP exam when it was active, you would be awarded the credit as follows:

CLEP ExamUWGB CourseCredits
English Composition w/ essay (General Exam) (inactive)WF 1003
Algebra-Trigonometry, College [1] (inactive)MATH 1044
Composition, Freshman College with essay [score of 60 needed] (inactive)WF 1003
Accounting, Principles of (inactive)ACCTG 2014

Contact the College Board for more information

Last updated: February 14, 2024