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CLEP Exams Policies and Procedures

1. CLEP exam credits will be entered on a student’s UW-Green Bay transcript only if the student is currently enrolled as a matriculated student at UW-Green Bay.  A student cannot earn academic credit for previous education or life experiences for which credit has already been earned or transferred from another institution. If you have previously taken a course and did poorly in it, you cannot take a CLEP exam to try and improve the grade.

2. UWGB CLEP Policies: Every institution sets its own policies regarding CLEP. If you think you might transfer to another institution, you should know the policies of both institutions before taking an exam.

3. Exam sessions: Due to room scheduling constraints, only one exam may be taken at each testing session.

4. Retaking exams: You must wait three months after the original test to retake any failed CLEP exam.

5. Passing Scores: General Exams (UW-Green Bay students): Beginning July 1, 2001, CLEP general exams moved to a 20-80 scale from a 200-800 scale.  Hence, in order to receive credit at UW-Green Bay for any of the four CLEP General Exams accepted by UW-Green Bay after July 1, 2001, you must receive the following minimum standard scores:

a. Humanities General exam = 50 or higher
b. Natural Science General exam = 50 or higher
c. Social Science and History General exam = 50 or higher

6. Passing Scores: Subject Exams (UW-Green Bay students): In order to receive credit at UW-Green Bay for any of the CLEP Subject Exams accepted by UW-Green Bay, you must receive a total minimum standard score of 50 or higher. Exception: To receive credit for the College Mathematics exam, you must receive a total minimum standard score of 70 or higher.

7. General Exams: UW-Green Bay students can receive credit for the Humanities exam, Natural Science exam and Social Science & History exam only if their UW-Green Bay transcript has fewer than 15 credits, including credits for courses in progress and transfer credits.

Note: General Examinations do not meet Education Certification Requirements.