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Credit for Prior Learning

Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) provides an opportunity for Undergraduate UW-Green Bay students to receive credit for college level knowledge and skills acquired outside of the classroom.

Credit for Prior Learning Policy

We invite you to explore Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) options. Be aware, however, that the following general principles apply to all CPL:

  • Credit can only be awarded for learning, not merely for experience. You must demonstrate what you learned, not what you did.
  • All credit awarded through CPL options must equate to a specific UW-Green Bay course or courses. Credit is not awarded as general elective credit.
  • Credit cannot be awarded for a course that already appears on a student’s transcript.
  • Credit awarded through CPL does not count as credits in residence for the purposes of honors or degree program requirements.
  • The only exception to UW-Green Bay’s policy for prior learning, in all of its forms, is the College Credit in High School Program (CCIHS) for which all students are eligible to be awarded retroactive credit for successful completion of FRENCH 202, GERMAN 202, or SPANISH 202.
  • Credit for Prior Learning or Credit by Examination (CBE) may not be used to meet degree requirements for Graduate Students.