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Advanced Placement (AP) Program

What are AP tests?

Advanced Placement (AP) tests are national, standardized exams that yield UW-Green Bay degree credits, assuming the minimum score is achieved.

Who can earn UW-Green Bay credits this way?

College-bound high school students.

Where are the exams given?

At sites coordinated by the high schools.

When are the exams given?

Annually, in May.

How much does it cost?

$96 per exam.

For more information:

Visit the College Board AP Webpage

Free study guides

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Note: # Exam discontinued after 2013-2014, replaced with Physics 1 & 2.

AP ExamPassing ScoreUWGB CourseCreditsGen Ed Fulfilled

AP Equivalencies at UW-Green Bay

African American Studies3HIST elective 
4,5HIST 2073ETS
Art History3,4,5ART 102 & 1036FIN
2-D Art and Design3,4,5ART 1073FIN
3-D Art and Design3,4,5ART 1063FIN
Biology3,4,5BIOL 201 & 2024BIO
Capstone, Research*3,4,5Lower Level elective3 
Capstone, Seminar*3,4,5Lower Level elective3 
Chemistry3CHEM elective3NAT
4CHEM 211/2135NAT
5CHEM 211/213 & 212/21410NAT
Chinese Language & Culture3,4,5HUM STUD elective3GC
Computer Science A3,4,5COMP SCI 2564 
Computer Science AB3,4,5COMP SCI elective8 
Computer Science Principles3,4,5COMP SCI elective4 
Drawing3,4,5ART 1053FIN
Economics, Macro or Micro3ECON elective1.5 
Economics, Macro4,5ECON 2023SOC
Economics, Micro4,5ECON 2033SOC
English: Lang & Comp3WF 1003 
4,5WF  100 & 1056ENG COMP
English: Lit & Comp  3ENG 1043HUM
4,5WF 100 & ENG 1046HUM
Environmental Science3,4,5ENV SCI 1023NAT
European History3HIST elective3HUM
4,5HIST 102 & HIST elective6HUM
French Language & Culture3FRENCH 2013 
French Literature3,4,5FRENCH elective3GC or HUM
German Language & Culture3GERMAN 2013 
Gov't & Politics (U.S.)3,4,5POLI SCI 1013SOC
Gov't & Politics (Comparative)3,4,5POLI SCI 1003SOC or GC
Human Geography3,4,5GEOG 2103QL or SOC
Italian Language & Culture3,4,5ITALIAN 1024GC
Japanese Language & Culture3JAPANESE 1014 
Latin3,4,5HUM STUD elective3HUM
Math: Calculus AB3,4,5MATH 2024QL
Math: Calculus BC
(the Calc BC exam includes a Calc AB subscore; students who do not achieve a 3,4, or 5 on the overall Calc BC exam, but who achieve a 3,4, or 5on the Calc AB subscore will receive the credit awarded for Calc AB above)
3,4,5MATH 202 & 2038QL
Math: Precalculus3,4,5MATH 1044 
Music Theory3,4,5MUSIC 115 & 1514FIN
Physics: B #3PHYSICS elective10NAT
4,5PHYSICS 103/203 & 104/20410NAT
Physics: 13PHYSICS elective5NAT
4,5PHYSICS 103/2035NAT or QL
Physics: 23PHYSICS elective5NAT
4,5PHYSICS 104/2045NAT
Physics: C (Mechanics)3PHYSICS elective5NAT
4,5PHYSICS 201/2035NAT or QL
Physics: C (Electricity & Magnetism)3PHYSICS elective5NAT
4,5PHYSICS 202/2045NAT
Psychology3,4,5PSYCH 1023SOC
Spanish Language & Culture3SPANISH 2013 
Spanish Literature & Culture3,4,5SPANISH elective3HUM or GC
Statistics3,4,5MATH 2604QL
U.S. History3HIST elective3HUM
4,5HIST 205 & HIST 2066HUM
World History: Modern3HIST elective3GC or HUM
4,5HIST 103 & 1046GC or HUM

*AP Research & Seminar content may vary within the course, so speak to the appropriate Department Chair upon enrollment for more information.

Last updated: July 26, 2023