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Challenge Exams

If you have knowledge of a subject area not covered by standardized exams (e.g., CLEP, DSST), you may be able to receive credit by taking a Challenge Exam. Credit can only be awarded if the course has not already been taken or transferred from another institution. If you have previously taken a course and did poorly in it, you can not take a Challenge Exam to try and improve the grade. A Challenge Exam is an exam developed by a UW-Green Bay faculty member to cover the contents of a specific course. Only UW-Green Bay students enrolled in undergraduate degree or certification programs are eligible for Challenge Exams. You must be currently enrolled at UW-Green Bay or have been enrolled in the most recent semester in order to challenge a course.

To arrange a Challenge Exam:

  • Identify the course for which you are seeking to receive credit.
  • Contact the appropriate faculty member to determine if an exam is available for the course you want to test out of.
  • Register for the exam by completing a form available from the Testing Services Coordinator. A fee of $100.00* is due when you complete the registration form (cash or check only). You must pay the $100.00 fee before you take the Challenge Exam.
  • Arrange a date for the Challenge Exam with the appropriate faculty member who will administer the exam.

A passing grade on the exam results in the awarding of the appropriate number of credits. Criteria for passing are determined by departmental faculty.

Credits earned through the Challenge Exam process are treated like transfer credits, i.e., they do not count toward "in residence" credits and the associated grade is not included in your term and cumulative grade point average.

*$50.00 of the portion of the fee will be paid via salary overload to the faculty member who administers the Challenge Exam.

Last updated: July 11, 2018