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Military Training & Experience

It is the policy and practice of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay to award the following credit for military training:
Veterans and service members must apply for their military transcript from their military affiliate and have it sent to the UW-Green Bay Admissions Office for evaluation of their military training and experience.

Basic Training:

  • 3 crs. HUM BIOL 116, First Aid-Emergency Care Procedures
  • 1 cr. Lower-level elective

American Council on Education (ACE) and Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) recommendations:

All recommendations for Lower Division Baccalaureate/Associate Degree and Upper Division Baccalaureate credit will be honored. Vocational Certificate credit is not transferrable. Recommendations for Graduate level credit may be transferrable at the discretion of the graduate program. Specific military credit may apply to requirements in a major or minor at the discretion of the faculty chair of the major or minor.

  • The total number of lower division credits (not including basic training) will be recorded as a block of Lower Level Elective credit.
  • The total number of upper division credits will be recorded as a block of Upper Level Elective credit.

UW-Green Bay supports the proposition that it is sound educational practice to grant academic credit for high-quality educational programs conducted by the military and other noncollegiate organizations, provided that the courses are appropriate to an individual’s educational program. Thus, in November 1996, the campus’ Academic Affairs Council approved the following policy:

“Courses recognized by the American Council on Education (ACE) as appropriate for undergraduate university credit may be considered for transfer and must be approved by an appropriate UW-Green Bay department chair.”

UW-Green Bay awards and treats the credits described on this page as if they are transfer credits for purposes of meeting degree requirements and residency requirements. The military credits described on this page are granted for enrolled undergraduate students seeking a degree; policies of other colleges would determine whether they would accept these credits for transfer.

Process: Request for Evaluation of ACE-Recommended Courses

1. Students submit official transcripts (including their military ACE record) as part of the admissions process.

2. The Registrar’s Office consults with the appropriate academic unit chair for UWGB course equivalency rulings.

3. The Registrar’s Office receives a course ruling and the student is awarded the credit or notified if credit is not granted.

Supporting Materials

  1. Army, Navy, Marines & Coast Guard-
  2. Air Force, CCAF -

Last updated: December 22, 2020