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Eligibility for Childcare Funds

Current UW-Green Bay students with children may be eligible for childcare funds through the Phoenix Childcare Support Program. See details below.

General Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements in order to be eligible for any funding through the Phoenix Childcare Support Program:

  • Must be a currently enrolled student for the semester of your request
  • Must be in good academic standing or able to demonstrate an action plan, with their Academic Advisor, for returning to good standing.
  • Must have a dependent child or children between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 years of age.
  • Have completed a FAFSA (Financial Aid Application) and demonstrated a financial need or Pell Grant eligibility.
  • Have not reached their cost of attendance financial aid cap.
  • Must complete an educational online module through the Phoenix Childcare Support Program each semester during which funds are awarded.
  • Submit the appropriate documentation with the application prior to consideration.

Licensed Childcare Facilities


Students who are using a childcare facility licensed/certified by the state are eligible for up to $2,400 through the CCAMPIS program. Payments are made directly to the childcare facility.

Due to requirement of the federal grant, the student is responsible for acquiring a federal W-9 form with the Employer Identification Number (EIN) or appropriate Social Security number included. The W-9 form will need to be completed by the provider and submitted at the time the student fills out the online application.

Are you are interested in using a licensed childcare facility? Give us a call at 920-465-2152 or email and we can help!

Unlicensed Childcare

(SGA Funds)

The university recognizes there are many reasons from financial, to logistics to cultural, to use some form of in-home childcare. This may be paid or unpaid care. The grants are awarded on general requirements above, with additional eligibility requirements and while semester funding is available.

Students who are using an unlicensed childcare provider may be eligible for a small amount up to $500 through the SGA program.

The Verification Form needs to be submitted along with the online application prior to the request being processed. Payment will be made directly to the student either through direct depositor a check.

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