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5th Grade Teachers Say

“The role models were awesome! All four UWGB students did a great job interacting with the fifth graders, answering questions and keeping the tour moving. They asked the students what they were interested in and made sure to bring them to those places on campus.”

“We appreciate the opportunity to come to your campus and hear all that UWGB has to offer. We even had some kids go home and tell their parents that they really want to go to college and that UWGB was a great place. I also received positive feedback from some parents who were so happy to hear that their children were thinking about college now where in the past it wasn't as important to them. I think the program you have at UWGB is wonderful and it really does get the kids thinking about their opportunities and possibilities. Thank you! We are so lucky to be able to have UWGB right in our backyard and provide the students with such a unique experience at this age.”

"I always enjoy having Phuture Phoenix mentors in my class. The students really stand out as being exceptional future educators and responsible young adults. They take initiative to getting to know the students and figure out how to work with them, are very reliable, and ask great questions."

“They talked about all of the buildings and places that we were able to go to. Best part was their interactions with their role model”

“I heard a lot of ‘I'm definitely going to that school for college!’ Many of them said they enjoyed seeing and learning about all of the sports that are offered.”

UW-Green Bay Student Role Models Say

"The best part of the event was getting to know the students and getting to know what they want to be when they grow up. I think this was a great experience for both the kids and us college students. I am really grateful for this experience and I think it’s awesome that we are educating and encouraging kids to learn more about college!"

“I found it really surprising and cool how soon students said "I want to go here!". It's so cool to see the students enjoy so many different aspects of campus, and it makes me enjoy and appreciate the spaces all the more!”

“I think the kids really enjoyed being able to share what they want to do when they're older & what they want to do on campus when they go to college! I saw so many smiles throughout the day when they got to talk about their dreams and what they want to go to college for when they're older.”

“I loved how many questions the kids had. I enjoyed answering their questions and explaining what college is like.”

“One thing that I really loved was the teacher thanking us at the end of the tour. She said that the students seemed to have such a great time and so many of them wanted to go to college. This was a great thing for me to hear!”

“The most memorable observation I made today was at the end of the day one of my students in my group told me he will be working very hard and doing his best in school to be a UWGB student one day.”

“There was one student who adored the library most of all and I suggested she become a librarian, but she looked at me and said "no, I want to be the one supplying the library," and I asked "a writer?" And she nodded. That was a really cool moment!”