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Phuture Phoenix Role Models

Become a Role Model!  

We hope to hold in person 5th grade campus visits in the spring, and we will need your help! If you are a current UWGB student, read on to learn more about how you can make a difference with the Phuture Phoenix program.

Training will be provided for anyone interested in becoming a Phuture Phoenix Role Model. At the trainings, you will learn more about the Phuture Phoenix program, how to receive credit for your participation, and have questions answered. Attending the training does not automatically commit you to the campus visit day. Multiple dates will be available.

More details on a spring 5th grade campus visit will be available soon.

Role Model Benefits

  • Volunteer with children
  • Volunteer in the school system
  • Get a free T-shirt and a free lunch
  • Feel good about making a difference in a young person's life
  • Collaborate with faculty, staff, and fellow UWGB students
  • Promote and increase awareness about going to college
  • Earn elective credits
Staying in contact with your students

As a Phuture Phoenix role model, you will stay in touch with the students in your group that you meet during the campus visit. You are partnered with another UWGB student and as a team you can contact your fifth grade students. Contacts include cards, emails, letters and visits to the school. No matter what you say, you will make their day! Ask them how school is going and tell them about your experiences. Ask them about hobbies and share some information about yourself. You don't have to disclose personal information. Just let them know you care! You might be the inspiration that a child needs to consider going to college or other post-secondary opportunities!