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Phuture Phoenix

Higgs Boson

Pheatured Videos

The Phuture Phoenix program has received statewide recognition for serving diverse populations. See videos of the campus visits and the primary program. View Videos »

New Scholarships

Phuture Phoenix recently awarded 30 new scholarships! These include both current UW-Green Bay students as well as incoming freshmen. In the short 5 years that Phuture Phoenix has been awarding scholarships:

  • 137 scholarships have been given out
  • $117,675 has been awarded

We would like to thank our generous donors for funding so many deserving Phuture Phoenix students!

Heidi Fencl Physics Resource


The impact that Phuture Phoenix makes in the lives of disadvantaged students would not be possible without community support. Please consider donating to Phuture Phoenix to ensure this valuable program can continue to serve our students.

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