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Expectant Mother Parking Permit Request

Expectant Mother Parking – Campus and Residence Life

The expectant mother designated parking locations are designed to aid expectant mothers or individuals accompanied by small children in accessing the campus and their vehicles.  Both male and female permit holders may qualify and request for this privilege. However, to help prevent abuse of the privilege we are requiring those wishing to use the designated parking locations to apply for and be granted a special parking privilege prior to use. There is no guarantee that an expectant mother stall will be available as the use of the stalls are on a first come basis. If a permit holder has been granted these privileges, but arrives to find all those designated stalls in use, they must use an alternate legal parking location. Parking "next to" to "by" a Expectant Mother/Small Children stall is not an acceptable way to use this permit. In addition to this, a valid virtual parking permit is required to obtain an expectant mother permit.  UW-Green Bay defines a "small child" as any child under the age of 5.

You may request this permit by clicking below.

Request an Expectant Mother Permit