How to Videos

The following are informational videos on how our Automated Parking Permit system works and will visually walk you through each task. Please make sure that you review the correct video for if you are a UW-Green Bay Student or UW-Green Bay Employee, as the process works slightly differently. If you are a community member (do not have an account), you must contact Student Billing Resources at (920) 465-2224 to maintain your license plate data. 

Adding Plates 

How STUDENTS add their plates into the Parking System

Cómo los ESTUDIANTES agregan sus placas al Sistema de Estacionamiento

How EMPLOYEES maintain their plates and enroll in payroll deduction


Opting Out

How STUDENTS "Opt-Out" of being assigned a parking permit

Cómo los ESTUDIANTES "optan por no recibir" un permiso de estacionamiento 


Adding Multiple Plates

If you have access to multiple cars our virtual system can accommodate that. Simply add all the plates for the vehicles you have access to your virtual permit. Just remember, the permit to parked car ratio is 1:1, meaning only one parked car can use a permit at any given time.

How STUDENTS add multiple vehicles to their virtual parking permit

Cómo los ESTUDIANTES agregan varios vehículos a sus permisos de estacionamiento