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UWGB Parking Permit reminder sign
The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay is one of the most accessible Universities in the University of Wisconsin System. While maintaining a vibrant arboretum and natural landscaping, the University has made both residential and academic buildings readily accessible to visitors, students, and staff by providing over 4,492 parking stalls within our major parking lots. During business hours, with a basic virtual parking permit(no special authorizations attached) you have access to almost all of these parking stalls with less than 3% being designated for other uses. We do not assign permit holders to a specific lot like many other universities and at UW- Green Bay if you have a permit, you have a permit.

At UW-Green Bay, during normal business hours, your virtual parking permit is valid in over 98% of our 4,492 available parking stalls.

To maintain this phenomenal access and because the State of Wisconsin provides no state tax money to administer and maintain parking facilities or construct new lots a parking fee is levied. This fee directly supports operating costs, such as snow removal, lot repairs, and line maintenance, in addition to establishing new construction funds. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay maintains a comprehensive parking program to insure adequate and orderly parking for faculty, staff, students, and visitors. The primary features of the parking program include:

  • The Parking office is now located in the University Police office, Instructional Services Bldg. 
  • Pre-registration for faculty, staff and students
  • Parking for visitors
  • Clear and concise parking regulations and enforcement
  • Well defined parking areas
  • Regular patrols of all parking areas
  • Coordination of parking for special events
  • Unobstructed drives for emergency vehicles