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Visitor Parking

After a recent evaluation of funding and the costs associated with parking lot maintenance and future planning, we will no longer be providing free parking permits beyond our five (5) free visits per semester.

We understand this change to our business practice is going to prompt challenges and campus wide some reevaluation and decisions by individuals, as well as departments in general, will need to be made moving forward. Our past practice is simply not sustainable and we must move to a system that more accurately represents the "true cost" of operation. Not only for parking, but also of individual campus departments who have received free parking permits. The issuance of free permits not only obscured some of these departmental operational costs, but also puts Parking at a disadvantage due to the increased wear and tear on the lots with no cost recovery.‚Äč

Any person who has received the honor of Emeritus status by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay will be provided a free general access parking pass as part of their benefits. The permit shall be valid for one academic year and it's the responsibility of the Emeritus to request a parking permit each year. The Emeritus designation is a distinguishing title and is not granted to all retired professional faculty; requiring nomination by a member of the University community and subsequent approval and designation by Chancellor.