Visitor Parking Permits

Virtual Permit Request - Campus Academic Lots

Day time visitors vehicles are no longer required to have a visitor parking pass unless they are on campus over 5 (five) times per semester. For those visitors exceeding the 5 (five) per semester limit, a free virtual permit is required. The virtual permit is identified by the vehicle license plate number. Day time visitors are welcome to park in any lot servicing an academic building or designated as a "Visitor Lot" and the lots are clearly marked at their entrances with large green signs. All vehicles must comply with the signage at the entrance to the lot, as well as those marking specific parking stalls. If you share a vehicle, please keep in mind that we use the license plate of the vehicle to determine the visit count, NOT the person operating the vehicle. If you feel that you are a visitor but the vehicle may be in excess of the allow 5 visits, please contact parking at (920) 465-2301 

Virtual Permit Request - Residence Life / Student Housing

Residence Life / Student Housing policy allows for overnight guests in housing if they are registered with the Office of Residence Life / Student Housing by the student who is hosting them. All overnight visitors in Residence Life must park in the Studio Arts Parking Lot. If the guest of a student hosts brings a vehicle, their vehicles license plate must be registered using this process or it will be subject to a parking citation. 

Student Hosts, Do Not place your guests license plate on your virtual permit!!!  Only one vehicle may use a virtual permit at any given time. Two vehicles using one permit is a violation and will result is a citation to both vehicle. You must register their vehicle with Office of Residence Life / Student Housing.

Information on “Host Responsibilities” for the registration process and the Residence Life Guest policy are available at the following: