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Payment Portal

New for Fall 2020 is the acceptance of online payments and appeals. Using the ticket search feature below, you can view images associated with your parking citations and also pay all ticket on line. Online payments are a big step forward in convenience and are also fast, secure, and will allow you to resolve your parking infractions 24 hours a day from anywhere.

If you do not see the appeal option after you find your ticket, you are past the 14 day period of appeal.

Only tickets issued after 11/2/2020 on our new system(green and white paper) can be paid online. If you can not find your ticket using the link below, please contact the Bursar's office for payment assistance.

ALL TICKETS for parking infractions(recent and old) can be resolved at the Bursar's Office (920-465-2224) during normal business hours. Cash, Check, and major credits cards are accepted at this location.