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Towing Policy

Towable Violations

UW-Green Bay Police Officers are authorized to have a vehicle towed from UW-Green Bay campus lands and may do so under the following conditions:

  • Parked in an area that would obstruct emergency vehicle access to university buildings and grounds.
  • Parked in an area (drive lane, curb, crosswalk, curb cut, etc) where the vehicle’s continued presence would present a potential hazard to pedestrians and/or motorists.
  • Long term continuous parking for storage or for disabled vehicles.
  • Parked in an area that hinders/obstructs the necessary operations of the university service vehicles and other service providers (loading docks, trash pick-up area)
  • Parking that impedes progress of necessary maintenance projects (snow removal, paving, etc.)
  • Illegally parked vehicle which prevents a legally parked vehicle from exiting.
  • A vehicle that to the best of the department’s knowledge and belief has been abandoned.
  • Unauthorized vehicles in a permit area, reserved stall or disabled stall/access aisle.
  • After the accumulation of $100 or more of parking fines that have gone unpaid for a period of at least 28 days or the vehicle registration has been suspended due to a UW-Green Bay action.
  • Out of state vehicles with UW Green Bay fines that have gone unpaid for a period of at least 28 days.
  • Parking illegally with license or vehicle identification number covered, unreadable, or missing.
  • Vehicle is an environmental hazard, such as leaking gas, oil, antifreeze, etc.
  • A condition that the officer determines is a hazard or obstructs the UW campus community.

Tow Fee

Any vehicle that is towed will be issued a tow fee by the company performing the tow. The tow company may also set a reasonable storage fee. The tow and storage fees, unpaid parking fees and any current parking violation are the responsibility of the operator of the vehicle.

Show-up Fee
If the operator of the vehicle shows up after the tow truck has begun efforts to remove the vehicle, but before the tow is complete, the operator is responsible for any applicable tow fees which must be paid to the towing company.

Reclaiming your vehicle

Contact University Police located in Instructional Services 1024 or by telephone at 920-465-2300 ext .#2. The registered owner of a towed vehicle is ultimately responsible for the tow fees and storage expenses. The University is not responsible for any damage incurred due to towing nor the policy and procedures in which the towing company will release the vehicle. The towing company may choose to release the vehicle only to a Registered Owner, and not the person who is the primary driver of the vehicle such as the owner's child, girl/boyfriend, etc. University Police Will Not vouch for, or in any other way endorse, a person who is not a registered owner as being authorized to claim the vehicle.

Towed vehicles will be released when all outstanding citations, towing charges, and storage fees have been paid.

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