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Spider-related Resources

We have accumulated a number of other biodiversity related resources that are accessible to the public. These include species lists for areas that we have surveyed. We also have a database of spider species in the midwestern United States.

Spider Database

This database is designed mainly to provide lists of spiders at the state level for Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. the database allows access to all published data, returning currently valid taxa starting from any names previously published from this region. It provides a centralized, critical compilation of known spider records from the five state region. It is searchable by taxon or geographic area, and will return currently valid names starting with any spider names ever used in regional studies. The database will be updated over time as new research is published.

Spider Taxonomy

Please contact Dr. Michael Draney for identification or other information related to spiders and their ecology. He can be reached at or 920-465-2270.