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Waste Minimization

The EPA has broad powers to enforce waste minimization based on the Hazardous Solid Waste Amendments of 1984. As a small quantity generator, the campus certifies they have made a good faith effort to minimize waste generation each time a manifest is signed.

It is important that all persons and departments generating hazardous waste consider how they can contribute to the waste minimization effort. The goal is to either prevent the formation or production of pollutants at the source or reduce the amount of hazardous waste that is generated.

Basic waste minimization options include:
  1. waste stream segregation
  2. good housekeeping
  3. inventory control/ordering chemicals in smaller containers
  4. material substitution
  5. using smaller scale
  6. modifying specific experiments

If you have (or will be doing) any of the above please contact Scott Piontek, at ext. 2273 or at so this information can be used to document campus commitment to waste minimization.