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Fire Safety Self Inspection Checklist

  • Fire extinguishers are either mounted on wall or placed in designated wall cabinet
  • Access to fire extinguishers and fire alarm pulls is maintained at all times - no items are place in front of or block visibility of extinguishers or alarm pulls
  • 36” clearance is maintained in front of all electrical panels - no items are placed in front of or block visibility of the panels
  • Access to electrical panels is maintained at all times - this means there must be an open aisle area leading to the electrical panel
  • Passage ways leading to exits must be clear at all times - maintain an aisle with a minimum width the width of the door it is servicing
  • Check EXIT lights in your area for burned out lights - please report to Facilities immediately
  • Do not prop open fire doors unless some type of automatic release mechanism is in place - fire doors are identified by the plate affixed to either the inside edge of the door or the door frame. Don’t be fooled by plates that have been painted over - they are still fire doors.
  • Extension Cords
    1. No frayed or damaged cords allowed - no electrical tape repairs
    2. No use of extension cords in place of permanent wiring
    3. No extension cords run under carpet of over/through suspended ceiling
    4. No extension cord trip hazards
  • Power Strip
    1. No power strip used in series - one strip plugged into another
    2. No power strip used in combination with an extension cord
    3. No power strip used in combination with a multiple plug adaptor
    4. No refrigerators, copiers, microwaves, space heaters or coffee makers plugged into a power strip
  • Space Heaters
    1. All must be UL or FM approved
    2. They must be positioned a minimum of 2 feet from any wall and 3 feet from a combustible (your desk is considered a combustible so they cannot be placed under a desk or within 3 feet of a desk
    3. No use with an extension cord
  • Housekeeping
    1. Maintain a 24” clearance from all ceilings if area does not have a sprinkler system in place- this means you cannot stack items to the ceiling!
    2. Maintain an 18” clearance below sprinkler heads if they are present
    3. Maintain adequate aisle space
    4. Bottom line - if an area or office has a lot of paper stacked on the floor and looks cluttered, the fire inspector will likely find a code violation