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Courtney Cottrell

Courtney Cottrell

MAC B 310
Sociology & Anthropology
Courtney Cottrell is a cultural anthropologist and focuses her research on museum representations about Native North America. Her interests stem from her own background as a citizen of the Brothertown Indian Nation as well as her career as a museum professional. Dr. Cottrell is also interested in the federal recognition process for Native tribes in the U.S., specifically issues surrounding sovereignty’s authority over intellectual property and repatriations. Her activist work as a Tribal Historic Preservation Officer has been written about and published, as well as her work on bringing voice to Native artists in the museum world.

Fields of Interest

Cultural anthropology, museum studies, American Indian studies, sovereignty, repatriation, intellectual authority, Native American representations (material, cultural, and linguistic), & decolonizing museum practices.

Courses Taught

Cultural Anthropology: Varieties of World Culture,
Introduction to Native American Studies
Survey Course: Archaeological Frauds and Fantastic Claims.