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Nicole M. Yang

Nicole M. Yang

TH 335
Nicole M. Yang (she/her) is a lecturer in cultural anthropology. An alumnus of UW-Green Bay, Nicole studied Anthropology and Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Her research interests center on the Hmong diaspora, with a particular focus on ethnography and history. Nicole also teaches Sociology and Diversity Studies in the Wisconsin Technical College System. When she isn't teaching, Nicole serves as the Manager of Access, Equity, and Inclusion at Lakeshore Technical College.

Areas of Interest

  • Mainland Southeast Asia
  • Diaspora
  • Folklore
  • Identity
  • Kinship
  • Marginalized Peoples
  • Refugees
  • Religion and Belief-Systems
  • Social Change
  • Anthropology and Education
  • Applied Anthropology

Courses Taught

  • Varities of World Culture
  • Family, Kin, and Community
  • Myth, Ritual, Symbol, Religion