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Volunteerism and civic engagement has been a priority to our University for years. The Student Engagement Center works to provide volunteer opportunities in our community through CUEGB and UW-Green Bay's annual Day of Service.

Two UWGB male employees pose holding gardening tools in a wooded area, wearing UW-Green Bay Day of service t-shirts.

A Note on Civic Engagement

"Civic Engagement is a collaborative approach at UW-Green Bay where faculty, staff, and students participate in service and community-based learning aligned with the institutional mission of community impact by bridging the university and our communities."

Visit the Center for Civic Engagement

Students make toys for shelter animals at a Day of Service event in the Phoenix Rooms

Find Volunteer

See listings for on-campus and community roles.

Community University Engagement at Green Bay, or CUEGB, is UW-Green Bay’s virtual volunteer platform. Find ways to give back and track your volunteer hours all in one convenient spot! Types of service include but are not limited to education, advocacy, health & wellness and food service.

Change the World

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Access CUEGB through the CauseConnect app.

View volunteer Opportunities on campus and in the community and track your volunteer hours in the app!

UW-Green Bay Chancellor Michael Alexander works outdoors on a project during UW-Green Bay's annual Day of Service

UW-Green Bay's Annual
Day of Service

"Volunteering at the many locations within our region creates positive change, and we see, first-hand, the incredible impact this service has on the people right here in our neighborhoods. We create powerful bonds with each other and our communities when we do positive work together to support others – something that is always needed in our communities."

Michael Alexander
UW-Green Bay Chancellor

Student Engagement's Commitment to Community Service

The purpose of our commitment to community service is based in the University’s mission. It is:

  1. To commit to diversity, inclusion, social justice, civic engagement, and educational opportunity at all levels 
  2. To embrace community-based partnerships and identify shared goals and values
  3. To offer accessible and catered community service and learning opportunities for students based on their personal, educational, and professional goals
  4. To promote a solution-focused attitude that creates impactful change through targeted community engagement
An infographic describing the five surprising benefits of volunteering, derived from a Forbes article

Surprising Benefits
of Volunteering

It's more than just feeling good!

It's well known that giving back to your community can lead to satisfaction on a job well done and a sense of pride in helping those in need. But there's more to it than that! Forbes reports on five surprising benefits of volunteering, such as developing new skills and keeping your body healthy.

Read the Article

Wyatt Young

Get Connected

Wyatt, our program coordinator who oversees volunteerism efforts in the Student Engagement Center, is here to help with any questions you have about volunteering or finding an opportunity.

Email Wyatt