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Good Times Programming

Who Are We:

Good Times Programming is a group of student leaders who are charged with creating positive experiences that engage, enlighten, and entertain students at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

We strive to provide opportunities for every UWGB student to participate in programs that promote learning and exploration, fun and happiness, and school spirit within a vibrant and inclusive campus community.

Our Programming Board:‚Äč

The Innovative Sounds Programmer

provides a wide variety of musical entertainment. Innovative Sounds finds music ahead of the trend and outside of the norm, while still following the mainstream trends in music, such as music on the radio and in the limelight now. Innovative Sounds opens up the world of music in new and exciting ways by bringing a variety of groups and bands

Allison Degner

Year: Senior
Major: Psychology 
President of UWGB Hip Hop Team
Favorite school supply: glitter glue
Favorite events: SHAED, Grayson DeWolfe
Favorite music: alt rock, pop (all the bops) 

Lively Arts and Issues

programming involves the presentation of discussions, debates, or performances that embrace arts, diversity, and other well-timed topics important to campus and society. This coordinator also presents entertainment suitable to a coffeehouse environment and the annual winter event “Baby It’s Cold Outside”. 

Wattana (Jake) Chairin

Year: Senior
Major: Economics 
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Favorite movie: Kill Bill
Favorite song: Let’s Go Crazy - Prince
Least favorite food: Kale
Reason for living: Tea!

The Outdoor Adventure and Travel Programmer

is responsible for providing a wide selection of opportunities outside the University. These include but are not limited to sports events (e.g. Brewers games or Gamblers games), recreational activities (e.g. camping and horseback riding), and theater. The annual Chicago trip and Wisconsin Dells trip are also popular with students. 

Tyler Nape

Year: Senior
Major: Human Development
Hobbies: Fishing, Playing Guitar, Drawing, Sports, Walking trails
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Food: Pizza
Dream Job: Psychologist
Excited for: I am really looking forward to the Dells Trip because I really enjoy water parks and arcades.

Variety Entertainment

hosts comedians, magicians, novelty performers, variety programs, contests, and homegrown programming. Variety Entertainment has the unique ability to program anything that does not fit in another area.

Priyanka Bharadwaj

Year: Junior
Major/Minor: Psychology, Emphasis in Culture & Diversity
Favorite Color: Burgundy (glitter)
Favorite Animal: Elephant
Excited For: Ladies Night Out

Weekend and Late Nights Programmer

is responsible for coordinating weekend or late night programming, including working with Student Life on UWGB Nites and planning traditional GTP programs, like the Grave Dancers Ball, as well as implementing new programs.

Nicole Khoury

Year: Senior
Major: Communication (Emphasis in Mass Media) 
Hobby: I love concerts, more concerts, and Summerfest, where there are concerts. 
Likes: Cats, gel pens, the color purple. 

Media and Promotions Specialist

is responsible for building campus awareness of the mission and purpose of GTP; informing students, faculty, staff, and the media about the organization’s upcoming programming; and developing interest in GTP’s programming successes and achievements in student leadership. The Media and Promotions Specialist is in charge of updating GTP events on campus calendars as well as table tents. Additionally, they create and publish information on all GTP social media platforms.

Mariah Lorfeld

Year: Senior
Major: Communication with Emphases in Public Relations and Social Media Strategies
Favorite Movie: La La Land
Hobby: Going to coffee shops
Excited For: Jordy Searcy

General Manager

 leads the Good Times Programming team and therefore must understand teamwork and group dynamics. The General Manager supports the programmers, oversees the internal communication of the organization, and serves as a representative to other organizations. The General Manager displays professionalism and confidence, and possesses programming, problem-solving, and leadership skills. 

Emily Walczak

Year: Senior
Major: Business Administration, Marketing, Management, Entrepreneurship Emphases
Favorite event: Baby it’s cold outside (BICO)
Favorite movie: Mary Poppins

The Coffeehouse Programmer

plans and coordinates the Groovin Grounds coffeehouse series, as well as other programs for that venue. Coffeehouse arranges for a combination of national acts and local talent to bring a fresh sound to campus.

Currently Vacant


Contact Us: by phone: 920-465-2405 or by email: stgtp@uwgb.edu

Stop on by: our office is located in the Union Room UU150