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Volunteering is when an individual or group provides service for no financial or social gain. It is to benefit another person, group or organization.
Volunteering Today!

Now more than ever human connection is so important for mental and physical health however how do we do that when there is a safe at home order and a physical distancing guideline. 
Well human connection is the energy between people who are paying attention to one another. So, make it a point to connect with one another whether electronically through webcams or FaceTime, a phone call or even email or snail mail. The art of letter writing has been lost over time but this might be the thing that brings it back.
In regards to lending a helping hand now is the time for us to support each other. And yet it’s also a time when those who tend to support us the most—the nonprofits and other social good organizations in our communities—are being heavily hit the service we would normally give through events and one on one help has been suspended.

So what else can be done one might ask, well:
1. Get medical supplies shipped to where they're needed most
2. Help out meals on wheels - https://adrcofbrowncounty.org/homebound-meals/ 
3. Donate to reputable nonprofits
4. Support local food banks - here at UWGB we have our Campus Cupboard 
5. Give Blood - Red Cross and BioLife 
6. Help the Homeless

If you are interested in helping please call area nonprofits to see what they could use during these trying times so that everyone can stay safe!
Other websites to check out are: student mentor programsupporting the elderlytexting hotline,
For that letter writing contact love the the elderly 

For more information and updates from UWGB please visit their website.

Did you know research shows that volunteering surprisingly benefits the volunteer .

1. Volunteering actually makes you feel like you have more time. One feels more time affluent and less time-constrained from wasting the time they have.
2. Volunteering helps you develop new skills. Skill based volunteering is an excellent opportunity to develop talents.
3. Volunteering helps you have a healthier body. Research shows lower mortality rates, greater functional ability, and lower rates of depression.
4. Volunteering helps you build more experience. Professionally volunteering in a different field makes one more marketable in a job search.
5. Volunteering makes you feel more love. Volunteering makes people happier, building empathy, strengthening social bonds and makes one smile - factors that increase the feeling of love.
Information coming from Forbes

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