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Faculty-Led Travel Courses

UW-Green Bay offers several faculty-led travel courses each year during the academic breaks. These programs are generally listed as a 299 or 499 course under a specific department and usually are a one 3 credit course.

**Exceptions to this include language department immersion courses or 6 credit programs, which require an Academic Advising AgreementThe Office of International Education will advise if an agreement is needed.

Students are registered for this course as part of a regular term (i.e. January or summer interim). While some students count these programs as general education requirements, others may need to substitute this course for a major or minor requirement or have it count as an elective in their program plan. The individual program website provides details on general education coverage (find these from this website) or by contacting the Office of International Education (OIE).

Please work with the Registrar to complete any necessary forms and with the Academic Advising office on any general education equivalencies. OIE advisors can also confirm general education equivalencies.