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Every students and faculty leader is enrolled in mandatory UW System insurance before they travel abroad. The insurance company is CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International). The insurance charges are built into the program cost and can be extended if students plan to stay abroad longer (at own personal cost).  CISI insurance is mandatory for all study abroad students and for students on the National Student Exchange program outside of the 50 U.S. states (Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands).  

CISI works with the OIE to send traveler safety and security alerts all over the world and is a very comprehensive policy. Students receive insurance cards and detailed information after acceptance into a program.

Once students are enrolled in insurance they can access the CISI website and can see local English-speaking providers and get the local/general name for any medication they take in case a refill abroad is needed.  It is recommended that students who take narcotics or other regulated medication check with CISI to ensure proper paperwork is completed to be able to bring your medication abroad or get refills in country. 

If you have questions about insurance, please contact the Office of International Education.

CISI Insurance Policy