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Every students and faculty leader is enrolled in mandatory Universities of Wisconsin insurance before they travel abroad. The insurance company is CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International). The insurance charges are built into the program cost and can be extended if students plan to stay abroad longer (at own personal cost).

CISI insurance is mandatory for all study abroad students and for domestic travel-course (faculty-led program) students.

We encourage our optional coverage for students studying through National Student Exchange within the 50 U.S. states.

CISI works with the OIE to send traveler safety and security alerts all over the world and is a very comprehensive policy. Students receive insurance cards and detailed information after acceptance into a program.

Once students are enrolled in insurance they can access the CISI website and can see local English-speaking providers and get the local/general name for any medication they take in case a refill abroad is needed. It is recommended that students who take narcotics or other regulated medication check with CISI to ensure proper paperwork is completed to be able to bring your medication abroad or get refills in country.

If you have questions about insurance, please contact the Office of International Education.

CISI Insurance Policy (study abroad)
  • Approx. $37/month, exact cost based on dates
  • Cost included in program fees/budget
  • Required for all study abroad locations
  • Separate coverage for students studying in Spain (approx. $41/month)
CISI Insurance Policy (study away/in the 50 U.S. states)
  • Approx. $44/month - exact cost based on dates.
  • Cost included in faculty-led programs (required)

Trip Cancellation Insurance

UWGB travelers may want to consider purchasing trip cancellation and/or trip interruption insurance. This kind of insurance coverage is not offered by UWGB, but it can be purchased independently for UWGB-sponsored or personal travel.

Trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance typically provides reimbursement for last-minute cancellations due to sickness, severe weather, or even security risks. During travel it can provide coverage for travel delays, missed connections, lost/stolen baggage, early departures due to unforeseen personal events, extended in-country stays due to COVID-19, and more. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to require flexible travel plans, travelers may find this kind of coverage beneficial.

Travelers who incur these expenses related to COVID-19 will likely be responsible for these costs. Education abroad participants whose program is cancelled due to COVID-19, as per the cancellation policy in their program application, will be responsible for non-recoverable program expenses.

UWGB students and faculty who participate in education abroad programs (and other university-related international travel) are eligible for and enrolled in CISI insurance (details listed above). Supplemental trip cancellation (cancel for any reason: CFAR) and trip interruption (interrupt for any reason: IFAR) insurance would be in addition to these coverage options but is not required to participate in UWGB-sponsored travel. Travelers are responsible for the costs of any trip cancellation or trip interruption insurance.

The Universities of Wisconsin worked to identify reputable partners for supplemental CFAR/IFAR travel insurance and made the information available to the various UW campuses. Gallagher Worldwide Trip Protector provides extensive trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance and will work with UWGB-sponsored travelers or those on independent or personal travel.

For more information on Gallagher Worldwide Trip Protector, please see:

Note: These links to trip cancellation insurance providers are being provided as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement, an approval, or a recommendation by the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay or the Universities of Wisconsin of any of the products, services or opinions regarding a general insurance product or of a specific organization. You are not required to purchase trip cancelation coverage to participate in UWGB-affiliated travel. If you decide to purchase trip cancelation coverage, you are responsible for the costs of the insurance. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and the Universities of Wisconsin make no representations or warranties of any kind in relation to the analysis, information or services provided by any insurance provider.