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Student Testimonials

Check this site often to find quotes and videos with advice, experiences, and stories from study abroad alums about their programs. For links to study abroad student blogs, which highlight current students who are abroad, international students on campus, or UWGB student who recently returned from a study abroad program, visit our Travel Blog site.

Jesse Rehn, studied in Bordeaux, France
"Studying for a semester in Europe really changed me. I became more accepting and open to other cultures, I became more confident in myself, and I made so many good friends. I highly encourage other students to study abroad."
-Jesse Rehn, studied in Bordeaux, France
Brynn Rasmussen, studied in Ecuador
"Studying abroad has helped me learn more about myself as well as another culture. My favorite experience while in Ecuador was our visit to the Inti Raymi Cultural Center. There we took part in traditional dances, ate an indigenous meal, and created lifelong memories amongst the volcanoes."
-Brynn Rasmussen, studied in Ecuador
Macy Brown, studied in Aberdeen, Scotland

“My experience in Scotland is something I’ll never forget. Meeting so many people from all over the world, eating a variety of new foods, and seeing places that have been on my bucket list for years! I would advise others to explore all that they can, and never to be afraid to take the leap for something new!”
-Macy Brown, studied in Aberdeen, Scotland

QuWanna Spencer, studied in South Africa
“Live, learn and enjoy life. Traveling to South Africa was one of the most exciting trips I had in a while. It was an eye opening experience. I got a chance to connect with other students from UWGB that I had never met before. Learning about the people of South Africa and their culture was amazing, but the food was even better. You won’t be in college for the rest of your life, so study abroad and get the experience while you can. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!!!”
-QuWanna Spencer, studied in South Africa
Michelle Roth, studied in Darmstadt and Marburg, Germany
"Studying abroad in Darmstadt & Marburg, Germany was the best experience of my life and was worth every penny I saved and spent for it. Spending time with and getting to know many of the locals was the best part of my experience because I formed some of the most unique and closest friendships and learned things about the culture one couldn't learn in a textbook. I strongly encourage studying abroad because it is one of the most valuable things you can do in your young professional life. If you choose to study abroad, the most important advice I would give is to be open-minded, get to know as many locals, don't be afraid to ask questions and learn as much as you can, and push your comfort zone-- try new things."
-Michelle Roth, studied in Darmstadt and Marburg, Germany
Allison Loderbauer, studied in Bilbao, Spain

“Studying in a different country for almost five months away from everyone I knew was a terrifying thought at first, but then it became life changing. Looking back, I cannot believe I was able to live in a whole new country where English was not their first language, but that kind of experience gives you a whole new level of growth in so many areas of life. You start by knowing no one, traveling and meeting a whole new group of people, but those people become some of your best friends. Studying abroad changes you in a phenomenal, indescribable way. It leaves you with a feeling that you won’t quite understand unless you do it yourself. The sheer excitement of experiencing new cultures and the awestruck feeling you get just stepping into another country is inexpressible. I’ve never met someone who has had the chance to live in a new culture while studying abroad and not fall in love with it. When else are you going to get the chance to leave everything behind but a suitcase and travel the world for a semester or even just a few weeks? Once you travel, a piece of your heart stays there forever, and that place becomes your home away from home, a place you never want to leave, a place you always want to go back to and a piece of the world you want to share with everyone. Experiencing different cultures, languages, landscapes, and every aspect of new places teach you things you wouldn’t learn anywhere else, and besides leaving you more open-minded and having a greater appreciation for diversity, you are able to experience life in a whole new way.” -Allison Loderbauer, studied in Bilbao, Spain

Danielle Shea, studied in Stirling, Scotland
“Studying abroad is unlike anything I have experienced before. I had no idea what to expect, but I can say that whatever expectations I did have, my experience in Scotland far exceeded them. I met some incredible friends, pushed myself to try new things and go on new adventures, and fully embraced each and every day. I learned so much during my short time there and will forever be grateful for my time abroad. I 100% recommend that everyone try to study abroad at least once, even if is a two-week travel course. Scotland will forever be a part of who I am and changed my life.”
-Danielle Shea, studied in Stirling, Scotland
Patsy Johnson, studied in South Africa
“My words of advice would be to enjoy every minute and don’t be afraid to try something new. I never dreamed I would go ziplining, but I did and really enjoyed it. A small group of us took a chance and went horseback riding, it was an awesome adventure.”
– Patsy Johnson, studied in South Africa
Mel Corrigan, studied in Osaka, Japan
“Studying abroad gave me a whole new perspective, not only on the world and other religions, cultures, and political ideology, but also myself and people I’m close to. Before I went to Osaka, I wasn’t sure of who I was or what I wanted to be, but by the time I left I had met so many inspirational people and been so many beautiful places that I didn’t doubt myself so much anymore. Japan was so different from Wisconsin that I thought I would have a hard time adjusting, but everyone, even nice old ladies on the street and vendors at small shops, were incredibly helpful and kind, even when I wasn’t communicating very well. I realized that the world might be big, but we have many things in common with people and places you would never expect—but you don’t really realize it until you’re there!”
-Mel Corrigan, studied in Osaka, Japan
(P.S.: The photo is a selfie under the Thousand Torii Gates of Fushimi-Inari Taisha in Kyoto, Japan)
Hannah Malmberg, studied in Ecuador
"Prior to going to Ecuador, I had never traveled outside of the country and was nervous about being far from home, but studying abroad helped me discover confidence in myself that I never realized I had. I am so glad that I went and will forever cherish the memories made, education earned, and relationships formed on that trip. Staying in the Amazon rainforest is an experience I will never forget."
-Hannah Malmberg, studied in Ecuador
Navatnie Etchin, studied in Alicante, Spain
"Although my transition went smoothly, like many who have studied abroad before me, there were some moments of panic. All of these thoughts were natural and expected for someone studying abroad. When staying in a new country, it’s important to find comforting places that you love. In a foreign place, the discovery of one's favorite places can make them feel more at home."
-Navatnie Etchin, studied in Alicante, Spain


Want to learn more about what you will experience abroad? Keep checking back for videos from the OIE staff, UWGB faculty, and study abroad program alumni (and international students!) on why you should study abroad.