Student Testimonials


Check this site often to find quotes and videos with advice, experiences, and stories from study abroad alums about their programs.  For links to study abroad student blogs, which highlight current students who are abroad, international students on campus, or UWGB student who recently returned from a study abroad program, visit our Travel Blog site.


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"There are so many [favorite experiences]! Finding this amazing Tapas restaurant in Madrid called "El Tigre," walking through the Puerta del Sol, trying all of the amazing food and learning how to use public transportation."
– Sarah Alexander, studied in Alicante, Spain
"My favorite experience abroad was going on a school trip with the Centro de Idiomas to Las Medulas, a huge mountain with amazing views of the province of Castilla and Leon. After hiking back down the mountain, we took a short drive to a beautiful nearby park surrounded by mountains with a quiet lake in the middle where we kayaked and ate lunch."

– Andre Johnson, studied in Leon, Spain

"I am truly grateful to have studied abroad, it has helped me learn so much more about myself, and those who I have meet. I would definitely advise other travelers to keep an open mind, and to truly live in the moment!"

– Nicole Hoelzel, studied in Kassel, Germany

"The program excursions included were awesome and the German culture was so inviting!"

– Chad Osteen, studied in Fulda, Germany