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Choosing a Program

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You've Got Options!

Over 30 different program options, to be exact.

No matter your academic, personal or career goals, you can find a program that is the perfect fit for you! Programs at UW-Green Bay cater to many different needs by offering academic programs for credit, virtual and in-person internships abroad and student teaching abroad. Explore your options and should you need help, schedule an advising meeting and ask yourself questions regarding your goals.


Semester Programs

Semester programs provide students with an immersive experience in their host country and culture while taking courses towards a major, minor, or fulfilling general education courses. Language prerequisites vary by program but most locations offer the opportunity to take a beginner or entry level class in the host language. UW-Green Bay offers two types of semester programs, Exchange and Direct-Enroll.

Exchange programs are created on the basis of exchanging students with a partner university. Students pay UW-Green Bay tuition and are able to attend another university for a semester or academic year.

Direct Enrollment programs are completely administered by UW-Green Bay and are created by a partnership between UW-Green Bay and a host university. Students pay a comprehensive program fee and attend for a semester or academic year.

Both options have pros and cons, depending on your needs. Exchange programs are less expensive but tend to have limited courses available, while direct enroll programs are more costly but generally there are many more programs available. Other factors to consider when choosing between the two are location and housing options.

You can also participate in Student Teaching Abroad in Mexico and other locations or the National Student Exchangea program that offers semester placements within the United States, Canada, and U.S. Territories.

Interim Programs

Interim programs are intensive study experiences (like a summer/winter school abroad) administered through our partner institutions during interim periods such as summer or winter break. Some interim programs are considered an exchange, so students pay UW-Green Bay tuition for the credits offered. These programs are offered annually with generally the same course options. Interim programs are a great option for students who want a shorter, more indepentent study abroad experience as they are less structured and allow freedom to travel before or after the program.

Faculty-led Travel Courses

Travel courses are short term programs that are taught and led by a UW-Green Bay faculty and/or staff member. Programs are typically 2 to 4 weeks in duration, department specific, and vary from year to year. These courses are organized during the winter, summer and spring breaks. Students from all majors are welcome to apply for most programs. Programs can also fulfill General Education requirements.

Travel courses are great options for students who are first time travelers, those who prefer a group travel structure, or students who want a specific course or destination. Depending on the program, students generally stay in local hotels, campus housing, or with host families for the duration of the course. Note that program options vary from year to year, always check with the Office of International Education for what is offered each year.


When to apply? Generally you should always plan to apply at least one semester before your intended program start date. For example, if you plan to study abroad in the spring, you should apply in the fall and vice versa. For most programs, the application deadlines are October 1 for winter and spring programs and March 1 for summer and fall programs. Please note that some programs may have different deadlines and you should always check the program website.
How to apply? Applying is easy, simply search for the program you want to apply for in the Programs list to view program-specific websites and click green button that says "Apply Now"!

What's next? After the application deadline the Office of International Education and, if applicable, faculty leaders review applications and make decisions to accept students. If a student is wait listed for a program they will get the option of moving to another open program in a certain timeframe/the same term or to be partially refunded their application fee. If a program is canceled due to lack of enrollment students will get the same options but a full application fee refund. Once accepted students will need to commit to their program by the stated deadline. This confirms to our office that they are participating in the program, have reviewed their finances and the program dates, and can make this commitment. Generally once committed students are responsible for the program cost even if they withdraw. The Office of International Education generally gives students about a week to commit to the program once accepted, however in some cases that deadline can be as short as 24 hours due to travel arrangements such as airfare purchases. In these cases clear instructions and as much notice as possible will be emailed to students.