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Why Study Abroad?

Jordan Gaurkee in Scottish Highlands

Learning beyond classrooms and textbooks

You will learn about a new country, culture and most importantly about yourself. 

Students who study abroad not only have the experience of a lifetime, but also gain valuable skills that can be used in academics and in the workplace. Many UW-Green Bay students report becoming more flexible and adaptable, confident, and culturally competent after participating in a program, all skills that are often developed outside of comfort zones!


10 Reasons to Study Abroad

  • You will become more independent and resourceful
  • You will make life-long connections likely from all over the world
  • You will stand out in the job market
  • You will learn about a new country and culture
  • You get to brush up on your language skills 
  • You will discover new foods
  • You will see your own culture through a different lens
  • You will learn about yourself
  • You will regret it later if you don't!
  • Your money will return, time will not!

Three students holding up the phoenix

Michelle Roth

But Don't Take
Our Word for It

"Studying abroad in Darmstadt and Marburg, Germany was the best experience of my life and was worth every penny I saved and spent for it. Spending time with and getting to know many of the locals was the best part of my experience because I formed some of the most unique and closest friendships and learned things about the culture one couldn't learn in a textbook."

Michelle Roth '19
Hessen-Wisconsin Exchange Program Alumna


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Don't miss out!

Three out of four of your friends are spending a few weeks of their summer or winter break somewhere really cool.

10% of UWGB students travel abroad

You're unique!

The national average is around the same number - that sets study abroad students apart from 90% of job applicants!


...And they love it!

Semester programs change 180-200 lives (for the better!) each year. Will yours be next?