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Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation GI Bill®

In some cases, a veteran requires additional education or training to become employable. VA's Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR & E) Program helps service-connected, disabled veterans:

  • Go back to jobs held prior to active duty.
  • Find jobs related to their skills.
  • Prepare for self-employment.
  • Find suitable employment through education or training.
  • Learn independent living skills.

The VR & E program pays a monthly living allowance or a subsistence allowance.

Application Process

Applicants should complete VA Form 28-1900, "Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation," and bring it to the county veteran services office A VA counseling psychologist or vocational rehabilitation counselor will schedule an individual meeting with the applicant. The purpose of this meeting is to decide which career path is best suited for the student, and to determine eligibility for vocational rehabilitation and employment services.

If you're found eligible, a rehabilitation plan is developed which lists the services to be provided. You will begin receiving the services outlined in your plan. Any evidence regarding the disability will come directly from VA records. They will also ask you about any work experience you've had since leaving military service.

Students who are eligible for chapter 31 Vocational Rehab will meet with their Vocational Rehab Counselor during the semester to make sure they are on tract.

Payment Information

Students are NOT required to verify their student attendance each month to receive their Chapter 31 payment. Payments are processed automatically. Each payment you receive is for the previous month. For example, you will receive a check the first week in October for attendance during September. It takes six to ten weeks for new students or transfer students to receive their initial payment. The VA no longer pays for the breaks between semesters.

Contact County Veteran Service office with your completed application: