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Veteran Awareness Training

  • “Student veterans are one of America’s greatest untapped human resources. They are emotionally mature, goal-oriented, mission-driven, experienced leaders. They work tirelessly to achieve their objectives and look for ways to make meaningful contributions. They are self-sufficient; they will only ask questions when they cannot find the answers themselves. They not only understand the concept of sacrifice for the greater good, they’ve lived it. They are respectful and protective of those around them. They think globally and bypass most things trivial or trendy. In short, they are the kind of role models we need on our campuses.” ~ Alison Lighthall, Army Nurse
  • Sometimes our student veterans are in need of academic or emotional assistance. With increased use of technology, modern students have a decreased sensitivity to emotional cues compared to past generations. However, they have the greatest opportunity to look out for signs of distress in each other. To remedy this, UW System has recently purchased an online training program, Kognito: Veterans Awareness Training, aimed at teaching students and faculty/staff how to identify signs of distress, approach a friend/student they are worried about, and refer them to support services if needed.
  • To take the free, online, 20-30 minute course, you and your staff can follow the instructions below:
  • Make sure pop-ups are allowed for this program
  • Go to:
  • Create a New Account
  • Follow the on-screen instructions
  • Choose your course and click ”LAUNCH”