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About the Competition

2019 competitors standing together after a performance


The mission of the competition is to promote the vocal repertoire of the Czech and Slovak composers for young singers, raise the awareness and appreciation of the rich heritage of the Czech and Slovak music to the singers and to audiences, create unique performing opportunities for promising young singers, and further the artistic growth of these young singers.  

The competition is open to the public. Admission is free.

About the Competition — Postponed until October 2022 (tentative Oct. 14-16, 2022)

3 Rounds
*Preliminaries – Friday, TBD
Semi-finals – Saturday, TBD
Finals – Sunday, TBD

*Singers who have won the first prize in another international singing competition within the last two years, may advance to the Round II without participating in Round I. A copy of the prize-winning diploma is required with application. Same registration fee applies to all competitors regardless of past wins.
Age limit (Extended due to event delay from 2021)
Women – age 33
Men – age 35
Application Fee
$75, non-refundable
Cashier's check, money order, credit card accepted
Payment required at time of application.
*If the competition is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances, entrance and pianist fees will be reimbursed.  
Application Deadline
Deadline for sending the application form is TBD (September 2022).
Music Selection
Possible Czech arias can be downloaded at the Czech Republic's site for their international competition in Karlovy Vary

Repertoire suggestions, along with IPA/translations for various repertoire, can be found in Singing in Czech by Timothy Cheek.

Kaprálová Prize: For the best interpretation of a song by Vítězslava Kaprálová, optionally sung in Round 2 or Round 3 as the choice for Czech art song. For information about Kaprálová, see
Round I (Maximum 10 minutes)
  • Standard German Lied
  • Standard Italian aria (Mozart and Handel is acceptable)
Round II  (Maximum 12 minutes)
  •  Aria in the original language (not Czech or Slovak)
  •  Art song by American composer
  •  Art song by Czech or Slovak composer (in Czech or Slovak language)
Round III  (Maximum 14 minutes)
  • Art song by Czech or Slovak composer (a different art song from Round II & in Czech or Slovak language)
  • Aria by Czech or Slovak composer
  • French Aria (in French) by French or non-French composer
Music Selection Rules:
  •  Transposition of arias is not allowed.
  •  All music performed must be memorized including arias from oratorios, cantatas or masses.
  •  All repertoire needs to be performed in the original language.
  •  Arias may not be repeated in another round.
The decision of the jury is final.


First Prize $5,000
Second Prize $2,500
Third Prize $2,000
Fourth Prize $1,500
Fifth Prize $1,000
Sixth Prize $500
Kapralova Prize $300


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