Office of Admission

Cost & Aid

UW-Green Bay is an affordable option for a world-class education. With net costs below the national average, and among the four-year UW campuses, you can experience an exceptional learning environment at a very reasonable cost. The payoff will last a lifetime: college graduates, on average, earn much more than people with a high school diploma, and have far lower unemployment rates. Yes, college is an investment, but it’s one of the best investments you can make!

  • Cost of Attendance

    Your budget for college will include “direct” expenses for your education (tuition and fees) and “indirect” expenses (housing, food, books, etc). Your budget will be influenced by many things: whether you are a resident of Wisconsin, whether you live on (or off) campus, your lifestyle, etc.

  • Financial Aid

    The Financial Aid Office at UW-Green Bay is here to help you! Many families find a UW-Green Bay education to be very affordable, especially once financial aid is factored into the budget.

  • Scholarships

    Many students receive help paying for college through merit-based scholarships. Check out UW-Green Bay’s scholarships for new freshmen and find links to outside scholarships, too.

    Scholarship Information

  • Student Employment

    A virtual visit is not as exciting as the real thing, but it will help save on gas Check out our gallery of tour stops for a glimpse at what life looks like for UW-Green Bay students.