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About Direct Admit

removing A Barrier

You're that much closer to college.

The direct admit process eliminates the need for Green Bay area public school students to apply to UW-Green Bay. That means no application form, no admission essay and no need to supply your high school transcript. Our goal is to provide the opportunity for all students to have access to a college education.

How to Direct Admit

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Fast Facts

What you need to know about UW-Green Bay’s Direct Admission for Green Bay Area Public Schools:


All Green Bay Area Public School students who have or will graduate from high school. Students interested in pursuing further learning opportunities now know we’re making it easier than ever to access a UW-Green Bay education. By eliminating the application process, they can begin working with UW-Green Bay Career Coaches now to assess and plan for best next steps.


UW-Green Bay will direct admit all 2024 high school seniors in Green Bay Area Public School District for the Fall 2024 semester. High schools include: Preble, Southwest, East, West, John Dewey Academy of Learning, Minoka-Hill and Northeast Wisconsin School of Innovation.

"Direct admit removes the need to apply. Instead, students will work with a Career Coach to find the right path and fit here, or at any other institution. Current high school juniors and their families can begin to prepare now for enrollment by continuing to do well in high school courses and exploring all that UW-Green Bay has to offer at


UW-Green Bay is one university with four campuses. The direct admit program is applicable at any one of our four campuses (Green Bay, Marinette, Manitowoc, Sheboygan). However, we acknowledge that the majority of students will be attending classes on the Green Bay campus.


February 13, 2023Community announcement
Spring 2023School Counselor training as part of the district’s professional development day, hosted by NWTC
Summer/Fall 2023GBAPS Class of ’24 students begin verbally committing to UW-Green Bay
September 2024Students begin college classes


Direct college admission into UW-Green Bay eliminates the need for an application. Instead students will move right into the enrollment process. Our admissions team will meet with and support students and their families and answer questions throughout the enrollment process.


Because this is the right thing to do for students and the communities we serve. The University of Wisconsin-Green Bay community is dedicated to opening doors for the students in Green Bay Area Public Schools as we increase our support for the tremendous work that all of our educators provide in the community.

We are Committed

Direct Admission is one more step in our mission to ensure that all students - no matter age, race, gender, socioeconomic status—have the opportunity to learn.

To learn more about what your local university has already begun to open access to further learning opportunities, please check out the:

Read Chancellor Michael Alexander’s continued commitment to our community in his:

Jennifer Jones Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management

More Information

We're here to support the educational success of all students. To find out more, please contact Jen Jones, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management. Call (920) 465-2165 or email

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