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Affordability Matters


We want to help you earn your degree affordably, quickly, and conveniently. Your advisors can help you plan your path, including your financial options for attending UW-Green Bay.

In this table, you will see the cost for tuition and fees, based on the number of credits you plan to take. Note that students taking all of their credits online pay Wisconsin Resident tuition, regardless of their state of residency. UW-Green Bay students are charged a $25 technology fee for each online credit in which they enroll.

Total Online Credits Online Cost
1 $353.06
2 $706.12
3 $1,023.18
4 $1,412.24
5 $1,765.30
6 $2,118.36
7 $2,471.42
8 $2,824.48
9 $3,177.54
10 $3,530.60
11 $3,883.66
12-18 $4,236.72*

* Overall tuition cost between 12 and 18 credits remains the same; however, students will pay an additional $25 technology fee per credit for each credit between 12 and 18. 


Financial Aid

The majority of UW-Green Bay students receive federal financial aid to assist with educational costs. Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step in qualifying for aid. Learn More


In addition to federal aid, UW-Green Bay offers a number of scholarships for students, as well as several from private partner organizations. For returning adult students in Southeast Wisconsin, the SEWEC scholarship may be of interest. To learn more about all scholarship opportunities at UW-Green Bay, visit our scholarships page or call the UW-Green Bay Office of Financial Aid at (920) 465-2111.


Questions About Cost?

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