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Cost of UW-Green Bay

It's all about value.

It's All About Value

Your education will be one of the most valuable investments you make. You are investing your time, energy, and money. At UW-Green Bay, we believe in providing an excellent education at an affordable price. We also want to help you make good decisions about your financial aid options.

Estimated Costs

Your budget for college will include “direct” expenses for your education (tuition, fees, books) and “indirect” expenses (housing, food). Your budget will be influenced by many things: whether you are a resident of Wisconsin, whether you live on campus, your lifestyle, etc.

To give you an idea of the estimated college costs, take a look at this chart. It provides information about the estimated tuition, fees, books, and (for those who live on campus) freshman housing and meal plan.

Total Number of credits per semester Wisconsin Resident Midwest Student Exchange Program* Minnesota Resident

Michigan Compact**  or

Upper Michigan Phoenix Award***

Non-Resident Online
1 credit $328.26 $459.48 $369.94 $328.26 $670.47 $353.06
2 credits $656.52 $918.96 $739.88 $656.52 $1,340.94 $706.12
3 credits $984.78 $1,378.44 $1,109.82 $984.78 $2,011.41 $1,023.18
4 credits $1,313.04 $1,837.92 $1,479.76 $1,313.04 $2,681.88 $1,412.24
5 credits $1,641.30 $2,297.40 $1,849.70 $1,641.30 $3,352.35 $1,765.30
6 credits $1,969.56 $2,756.88 $2,219.64 $1,969.56 $4,022.82 $2,118.36
7 credits $2,297.82 $3,216.36 $2,589.58 $2,297.82 $4,693.29 $2,471.42
8 credits $2,626.08 $3,675.84 $2,959.52 $2,626.08 $5,363.76 $2,824.48
9 credits $2,954.34 $4,135.32 $3,329.46 $2,954.34 $6,034.23 $3,177.54
10 credits $3,282.60 $4,594.80 $3,699.40 $3,282.60 $6,704.70 $3,530.60
11 credits $3,610.86 $5,054.28 $4,069.34 $3,610.86 $7,375.17 $3,883.66
12 - 18 credits $3,939.12 $5,513.76 $4,439.28 $3,939.12 $8,045.64 $4,236.72*
*Additional fees may apply, including online course fees, first year student program fees, and testing fees. For more information about additional fees, please contact (920) 465-2111.
**Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) rates apply for students residing in the following states: Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and Ohio. (Note: Michigan will be leaving the MSEP as of fall 2021).
***Student who reside in Menominee County, Michigan are eligible for Wisconsin resident rates under the Michigan Compact.

****Students who demonstrate previous success in high school or post-secondary institution that reside in the remaining 14 counties in Upper Michigan (Alger, Baraga, Chippewa, Delta, Dickinson, Gogebic, Houghton, Iron, Keweenaw, Luce, Mackinac, Marquette, Menominee, Ontonagon, Schoolcraft) for at least one year prior to enrollment will be eligible for this award.

Concerned About Cost?

Let's talk about options. Our financial aid advisors can assist you with understanding your options to assist with college costs.

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Financial Aid

Approximately 85% of UW-Green Bay students qualified for need-based or non-need based financial aid (like grants and loans) to help fund their education. The first step in the financial aid process is completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can follow the steps on the Admitted Student page to learn more about the financial aid process for admitted students.

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We know scholarships are important.

We want to connect you with the scholarship resources you need to begin applying.

Check out UW-Green Bay's scholarships for new freshmen and find links to outside scholarships, too. The UW-Green Bay scholarship application is due on February 15.

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Student Employment

Get to work! No, really, we have jobs you will like. There are tons of opportunities to find a job on campus. You could work in the University Union, the Kress Events Center, the Cofrin Library, the science labs, or many other great places in our campus community.

More than 1000 students work on campus at UW-Green Bay. That could be you.

Select midwestern schools, including UWGB, are participants in the Midwest Student Exchange Program.
Midwest Student Exchange Program
The Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP) is a program allowing students from participating states to attend UW-Green Bay for a significantly lower tuition cost than out-of-state students from non-participating states.
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Phoenix Scholar Award
Out of state? Want to save some money? Students with non-resident status may be eligible for lower tuition through the Phoenix Scholar Award program.
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Expected Cost Calculator

How much you pay matters. Calculate your costs.

We understand that affordability is a significant factor in college planning. Our staff is dedicated to discussing your options for funding your education, including financial aid, scholarships, and student employment.