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School Songs

Alma Mater

Let us rise above these waters
Men and women of Green Bay.
Rise in knowledge,
Rise in wisdom,
Rise in friendship sealed today.

As the Phoenix rose from flame,
Let us rise and still proclaim,
That we pledge our Alma Mater,
And the memories of her name.

Composed by
 Prof. Emeritus Lovell Ives
 Lyrics by
 former Prof. Peter Stambler

Phoenix Fight Song

Hail! To the Fighting Phoenix
Rise up and light the flame!

Green Bay is the home of Champions
We’re gonna win this game!

Hail! To the Fighting Phoenix
We’re rising up to say
Fight! Fight! Fight! For a win tonight
The Champions from old Green Bay!

Composed by
 Prof. Emeritus Lovell Ives
 Arranged by Wayne Bailey 

Tribute to the Writers

Composer: Lovell Ives

“Alma Mater” composer Prof. Emeritus Lovell Ives was a member of the UW-Green Bay Music faculty from 1969 until his retirement in 1997. The long-time director of jazz studies, he was a founder of the annual UW-Green Bay Jazz Fest, director of the UW-Green Bay Jazz Ensemble, performer on trumpet in venues ranging from symphony orchestras to Dixieland jazz groups, leader of the Green Bay Packer Band and the Lovell Ives Orchestra, arranger of music, activist in professional music organizations, and teacher and mentor to hundreds of students, many of whom went on to careers in music.

Lyricist: Peter Stambler

Lyricist Peter Stambler was a member of the Humanistic Studies and English faculties at UW-Green Bay from 1975 to 1990. A published poet and playwright, he won the UW-Green Bay Founders Association Award for Community Outreach in 1983 for his active outreach for poetry and communication, giving scores of readings and seminars to schools, organizations and businesses throughout the region. During his time at UW-Green Bay, he won a Wisconsin Public Radio playwriting competition and three times won the Best Book Award of the Council for Wisconsin Writers.