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Outstanding Student Award

From 1975 to May 2019, the Alumni Association recognized our best by awarding an Outstanding Student Award. This award was given to only one student per semester with the goal of acknowledging and rewarding a graduating senior who successfully pursued an undergraduate degree at UW-Green Bay, particularly one who demonstrates growth and progress by learning, committing and “doing” on an extraordinary level.

Past Recipients:

NameOSA AwardedPrimary Education Major
Joshua VollmarSpring 2019Human Biology
Kara BaugrudFall 2018Human Biology
Emily AhrensSpring 2018Music Theatre and English Literature
Riley GarbeFall 2017English Education
Angela SmetSpring 2017Human Biology
Janae DueFall 2016Women’s and Gender Studies
Pamela ParishSpring 2016Environmental Policy and Planning
Emily BlahaFall 2015Business Administration
Jared SpudeSpring 2015Political Science and Public Administration
Jordan GrapentineFall 2014Human Development and Psychology
Nicole WillSpring 2014Human Biology
Andrea ReisenauerFall 2013English and Spanish
Areanna LakowskeSpring 2013Psychology
Wendy HuberFall 2012Theater
David DepeauSpring 2012Environmental Policy and Planning
Tonya FilzFall 2011Psychology
Jeffrey CookSpring 2011Environmental Policy and Planning and Public Administration
Kari KroppFall 2010Elementary Education
Nicholas VliesSpring 2010Environmental Policy and Planning and Public Administration
Nicholas CibulaFall 2009Political Science and Public Administration
Jamie TyrrellSpring 2009Elementary Education
Stacey FreyFall 2008Psychology
Rachael SouthernSpring 2008Environmental Policy and Planning
Lynn StiffFall 2007Human Biology
Wendy BerthSpring 2007Human Biology and Psychology
Ellie ReichFall 2006History
Michelle MissallSpring 2006Communication Processes
April KnutsonFall 2005Nutritional Sciences
Rachel MielkeSpring 2005History and Political Science
Jill WestFall 2004Human Development and Psychology
Hope VoigtSpring 2004Accounting and Business Administration
Eryn HassemerFall 2003Human Biology
Chad GriepentrogSpring 2003Psychology and Human Development
Stacy GoldenFall 2002Communication Processes
Kimberly KargusFall 2002Math
Suzanne StewartSpring 2002Interdisciplinary Studies
Katie GinsbachFall 2001Spanish
David LamersSpring 2001Elementary Education
Andrea WoerpelFall 2000Elementary Education
Ryan JohnsonSpring 2000Social Change and Development
Jessica BehlingFall 1999Human Biology
Ma MouaSpring 1999Philosophy
Tina Sauerhammer DeanSpring 1999Human Biology and Human Development
Eric SorensenFall 1998English
Melissa PalferySpring 1998Public Administration
Alicia HoffmanFall 1997English
Erika LemkeSpring 1997Psychology
Tamara SmithFall 1996Math
Kristin NeperudSpring 1996Communication and the Arts
Jason HellwigSpring 1996Social Change and Development and History
Ronald RasmussenFall 1995Political Science and History
Jennifer ArcherSpring 1995Business Administration and English
Cory MilitzerFall 1994Physics
Victoria KampaSpring 1994Managerial Accounting and Business Administration
Deborah BurdenSpring 1994Business Administration and English
Ruth TompkinsFall 1993Psychology and Human Development
Faith BeamSpring 1993Psychology and Human Development
Sharon KraemerFall 1992Art and Communication and the Arts
Toni DamkoehlerSpring 1992Art and Spanish
Mary FlynnSpring 1992Bachelor of Social Work
Eileen JahnkeFall 1991Managerial Accounting
Koenraad DriessensSpring 1991Business Administration and Economics
Deborah HaaseSpring 1991Human Development and Human Biology
Julie BedoraFall 1990Human Development
Staci SimonichSpring 1990Chemistry
Rhonda VanPembrookFall 1989Spanish and Social Change and Development
Susan Montes De OcaSpring 1989Public and Environmental Administration and Communication Processes
Peggy EdwardsFall 1988Psychology
Margaret LiberskiSpring 1988Bachelor of Social Work
Lucy Arendt1987Business Administration and Spanish
Thomas Younk1986Human Adaptability
Mary Ebert1985Business Administration
Steve Duchrow1984Communication and the Arts
Sheryl Johnston1983Science and Environmental Change
Maryanne Marinetti1982Human Development
Steven Olsen1981Public Administration
Valdimar Stefanson1980MEAS
Patricia Wawiorka1980Business Administration
Thomas Jones1979Business Administration
Margaret LeRoy1978Business Administration
Alix Baptiste1977Communication and the Arts
Robert Stevens1976Growth and Development
Juliet Cole1975Modernization Processes