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UW-Green Bay Historical Records

The University Archives collections consist of original records pertaining to the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. The holdings consist of official records of campus departments and administrators. Examples include records from the Chancellor’s Office, Facilities Management, Marketing and University Communications, faculty and student governance, Athletics, Secretary of the Faculty and various academic departments.

The University Archives holdings also encompass some unofficial records such as those of early campus community planners and student organizations.

Document types include minutes, reports, correspondence, subject files, photographs, recordings, blueprints, maps and artifacts.

The University Archives collections are broadly described in Search@UW.

Basketball films

Many UW-Green Bay basketball games were filmed and/or televised, and footage is preserved in the Archives. The oldest known footage is from the first game in which UW-Green Bay’s men’s basketball team played Milton College, December 1969. The most recent game for which we have footage is a women’s basketball game from March 2017.

Much of the basketball footage remains in the format in which it was recorded (e.g., reel-to-reel film, VHS tapes, and Beta tapes). Some do not have sound. A number of them have been converted to digital format.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of footage from a particular game, you may check out lists of men's basketball games and women's basketball games housed in the Archives.

The fees for duplication of basketball footage is as follows:

  • If footage exists in DVD format: $10 per DVD copy
  • If footage exists in non-DVD format, fee varies depending on game format and length. Price quotes can be given in advance of copying.

Contact us to request copies of basketball game footage (or price quotes).

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Building histories

The University Archives contains planning documents, impact statements, space plans, photographs, blueprints, building models, floor plans, ground breaking and dedication ceremonies for buildings on the UW-Green Bay campus. Materials date from the early 1960s to the present.

Campus publications

The University Archives is the official repository for copies of campus publications. The Archives maintains complete files of current and historical publications. The publications include student newspapers, directories, literary magazines, enrollment reports, technology plans, curriculum studies, catalogs and student yearbooks. The Archives also has publications from the academic departments and individual programs on campus.

Student newspapers have an index in the Archives Reading Room card catalog. The alphabetical index covers the years of September 1966-May 1982; September 1994-February 1995. Newspaper holdings include:

  • Bay Badger (1966-1970)
  • Bay Bulletin (1967-1969)
  • Fourth Estate (1970-2015)
Fourth Estate newspaper reading | Cofrin Library joins the superhighway

Oral history interviews

In 2009, the University Archives partnered with the UWGB Retirees Association to begin an oral history program. In this ongoing collaboration, Oral histories are conducted with former UW-Green Bay faculty, staff, students, alumni and community supporters.

Topics discussed in the interviews include founding of the campus; curriculum; the early Academic Plan and interdisciplinarity; experiences as students and employees; teaching; organizational structure; campus buildings; Liberal Education Seminars; athletics; development of campus buildings and the Arboretum; community support and collaborations; and the arts programs.

A portion of the collection has been digitized and is available for listening as part of the UW-Green Bay Digital Collections. New interviews are added to the Digital Collections on an ongoing basis.


The photo collection consists of thousands of images dating from the mid-1960s to the present. The images pertain to various aspects of campus history. The main topics include:

  • Building construction
  • Individuals (faculty, staff, students, alumni)
  • Classroom and lab activities
  • Events (such as commencement, Bayfest, concerts, art shows, performances, homecoming, etc.)
  • Student life
  • Athletics

Only a small fraction of the photo collection (approximately 400 images) has been digitized. These images represent a cross-section of the campus’s history and evolution. They document the campus selection site, construction of all campus buildings, student life, academic activities, political activities, visitors of note, commencement ceremonies and other campus traditions. They are available for viewing as part of the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections.

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The University Archives maintains files of syllabi for all courses taught at UW-Green Bay, spanning from the late 1970s to the present. Syllabi are available for use during our open hours or can be requested with the Syllabus Research Request Form.


The University Archives has an archival copy of every thesis completed for a master's degree at UW-Green Bay. The copy in University Archives does not circulate.

Theses written between 1973 and 2013 also have a circulating copy in UW-Green Bay Libraries' book collection. Theses created after 2014 are also available through the UW-Green Bay Thesis Collection.

You can find theses cataloged in Search@UW by searching for author, title, subject, or call number. View all theses by searching for.