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Research FAQ

1. Are the actual records online?

None of our actual records are online at the present time.

2. Are any indexes online?

We have indexed some of our holdings and the index is available for searching on our homepage. The online indexes can be searched for individual names with a Soundex option. In the case of some court records, you can also search by case type allowing for a variety of research studies.

Using the online indexes, you can request copies directly through the online system. Or, if you will be visiting us and conducting your own research, you can print your results and bring the citations to use during your visit.

Please note: the online index only contains a small fraction of the collections we have in the Archives Department. Be sure to review what is included in the index.

3. How long will it take for you to do my research?

We generally take the research requests in the order we receive them and try to respond within four weeks. The response time depends upon the backlog of requests that we have and our staffing resources. If you have not heard from us within four weeks, email us to check on the status of your request. We will be happy to give you an update.

4. Do I need to send an SASE?

A self-addressed, stamped envelope (business size or larger) is requested. If copies to be sent are too big to be folded and put into your envelope, a pre-addressed label is appreciated. This saves staff time and helps us deliver your results more quickly.

5. How much do you charge for research?

We charge $10.00 per name and per record searched. This fee includes up to twenty pages of copying. If a request is over twenty pages, we charge fifty cents per additional page copied.

Researchers who visit the Archives only pay for any copying they do.

6. Do I need an appointment to use your collections?

Researchers do not need an appointment to use our collections.

If you have a complex and involved research question, you may choose to email us ahead of time with a description of your question. We may find it best to schedule a research consultation with you to better help you with your questions.

7. May I call you with my research question?

We welcome general phone calls about our collections and services.

We do not take specific research questions over the phone. To make sure we are getting all the correct information we need about your research we ask that you either complete the appropriate research request form or email us.