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Ask an Archivist

Need help?

If you would like further information about our collections or conducting research, please contact us.

Research consultations

Not sure where to start? Schedule an individualized meeting with an archivist to discuss archival resources and search strategies for your project. Whether you’re a genealogist, educator, or student, we’re here to help!

We offer research assistance for individuals working with primary sources. You can schedule a one-on-one meeting with an archivist to discuss possible archival resources and search strategies for your project, whether it is for a class assignment, local history research, or family history.

What should I expect from a research assistance meeting?

During the meeting, we’ll identify potential sources of information, introduce you to the various archives research tools, discuss advanced searching techniques and identify collections appropriate for a specific research topic.

How does this work?

In order to use this service, you should have a specific research topic for which you need assistance. The research consultation can last 30-60 minutes. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss your topic in-depth with us and we’ll offer advice as to what archives resources will aid you in your research. We can’t do your research for you, but we can advise you on choosing appropriate search terms, developing a search strategy, and suggest specific collections that may be useful for your research.

Do I need to be affiliated with UW-Green Bay?

We’re happy to work with all researchers and you do not need to be affiliated with UW-Green Bay.

When is research assistance available?

Meetings should be scheduled at least one week in advance and are available during our scheduled hours of operation.

Where should I go for research assistance?

Research consultations take place in the Archives Department located in Cofrin Library, room 705.