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Arts Management

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Arts Management Degree

Arts organizations make communities come alive — from symphonies to jazz bands, theaters to sculpture gardens, museums to community arts centers, public radio to festivals. All of that activity is made possible by arts managers.

Arts management can be an exciting, fulfilling career for someone who likes to be close to the arts and artists and wants to work behind the scenes to make the arts happen. Arts managers work to bring art and audiences together — raising funds, marketing, organizing volunteers and facilitating programs.

The arts is a unique industry and has management challenges not found in other kinds of businesses. Successful arts managers are equally proficient in art and administration. Your studies will include arts management core courses along with courses in the arts, not-for-profit management and business. 


Art Internships

A 130-hour (3 credit) internship or other fieldwork experience is available for the arts management minor. Internships are arranged individually according to student needs, career goals and skills, and can be scheduled for on-campus, the Green Bay area, or anywhere around the country or the world. Find out more

Real World Experience

The Sheepshead Review is a student and faculty-run journal featuring the writing and visual arts of students, faculty, and others which is published every Spring. The journal provides students with a chance to submit their work and have it judged by a panel before potentially being published in the latest edition. It is an excellent opportunity for students to have their work recognized by the public. Find out more

Art Impact

"At my internship at the Fox Cities PAC, I got to make memories of getting to stand on the stage of the beautiful theatre, finding the secret passageways around the Center, meeting some incredible people, and most of all -- learning more valuable skills to help finish my college career and start my work experience in the 'real' world." Holly Melander '10 Read more

Art Jobs in Wisconsin

Students studying arts management are preparing for careers working in the administrative offices of theatres, museums, symphony orchestras, galleries, arts councils, and other types of organizations that facilitate arts and cultural events. Past students have gone on to work for places such as NPR and the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. Find out more

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UW-Green Bay has excellent teachers, internships, research opportunities, and a great record of placing students into jobs and graduate programs. Learn More


How do I get started?    

Arts Management at UW-Green Bay

Ellen W. Rosewall

“Arts Management is a good career for those who are passionate about the arts and wants to make their passion public. Arts managers work behind the scenes to bring art and audiences together.” 

-Ellen W. Rosewall; Professor, Art and Design Chair, Arts Management

Art Jobs Possibilities 

Students can participate in incredible internships with UW-Green Bay!

Alumni from UW-Green Bay’s Arts Management program have started their own arts-related businesses, including Stockpile Games in Manitowoc, The Art Hub in Madison and Pinky’s Vintage in Janesville.

Alumni from UW-Green Bay’s Arts Management program have been hired by Heritage Hill State Park, The Brown County Historical Society, Green Bay Botanical Garden and Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.

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