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(Bachelor of Arts)

The Arts Management major and minor allows students to study the organizational aspects of arts and cultural delivery systems. Arts Management focuses on both the administration of not-for-profit arts and cultural organizations, as well as the interaction between arts and contemporary society. The philosophy of the program is grounded in community settings and the curriculum is centered around three focus areas: management and organizational skills, interdisciplinary arts literacy, and practical experience. Students with Arts Management majors and minors can find employment in museums, theatrical organizations, symphonies, arts councils and historical societies, and are also prepared to work within their communities to support and promote the arts in educational, business and civic settings.

Arts Management majors concentrate classroom work on such issues as public awareness, fundraising and working with a board of directors. At the conclusion of their studies, they schedule an internship or practicum which provides practical experience with a community arts organization or on-campus visual or performing arts activities. Minors have the option of completing an internship or choosing additional coursework or practicum which expands their experience and arts management knowledge. A minimum 3.0 GPA is required for internship placement for both majors and minors.

The Arts Management major is often combined with disciplinary minors or double majors in Art, Music, Theatre, History or English, among others.

Students may study abroad or at other campuses in the United States through UW-Green Bay’s participation in international exchange programs and National Student Exchange. Travel courses are another option for obtaining academic credits and completing requirements. For more information, contact the Office of International Education at (920) 465-2190 or see