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Steering Committee

The BHTP Steering Committee is made up of members representing the 49 full member counties in the state of Wisconsin. The committee meets quarterly and is responsible for developing By-Laws and the Strategic Plan each year. The committee provides oversight to the staff as they carry out the activities outlined within the Strategic Plan.

Designated MemberDesignated Member AgencyTerm
Todd CampbellDane County2022-2024
John RathmanOutagamie County2022-2024
Matt StrittmaterSheboygan County2022-2024
Melissa FreemanMarinette County2022-2024
Doug BreyWashington County2023-2025
Liza DrakeOzaukee County2023-2025
Jen FrostShawano County2023-2025
Kayla RochesterClark County2023-2025
Kris DejanovichNortheast Regional OfficePermanent
Kelly WilliamsNortheast Regional OfficePermanent
Joan GroesslUWGB Social Work ProgramPermanent
Jessica DelzerBehavioral Health Training PartnershipPermanent
Elizabeth BartzBehavioral Health Training PartnershipPermanent
Joanne TulachkaBehavioral Health Training PartnershipPermanent