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Events & Programs

Full details of CATL Events & Programs can be found on The Cowbell—CATL's blog. Click on the title of any item in the categorized feeds below to read more. Some events fit in multiple categories and may show up in more than one place, but the information is the same. If you have any questions regarding any of these opportunities, would like to talk through what might be right for you, or have an idea for future programming, please don't hesitate to reach out to the CATL team at Information on CATL's digital badging pilot associated with their programming can be found on this page.

Presentations & Workshops

CATL hosts presentations and workshops centered around timely issues and the needs of instructors at UWGB. Groups and departments can schedule a workshop or sparkshop. Presentations tend to be shorter, around 30 minutes, and focused on "known" best-practices. Instructors can also stay tuned to TeAch Tuesday communications or The Cowbell for upcoming programming. Also take a look at the "Sparkshops" available below.

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Courses & Certificates

CATL offers courses for instructional staff that may be self-paced or blended. All courses require advanced sign up. Courses for which instructors are awarded compensation must be approved by the Unit Chair. All service and overload payments are subject to limits and required approval as outlined on pages 12-13 in the Compensation and Pay Plan Policy

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To reach faculty who can't engage in as much professional development around teaching as they'd like, CATL offers “Sparkshops:" 15-minute, active-learning based workshops that can be facilitated in a department meeting. Each Sparkshop asks faculty members to look at data supporting the use of a certain evidence-based instructional practice (EBIP), has them try out the teaching practice, and then allows them to discuss with disciplinary colleagues how they might integrate that approach into their courses. Request a sparkshop, please just email and we'll schedule a session.

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Social Justice Conversations

These talks engage our entire campus community in conversations about the state of teaching, learning, and higher education. With an eye toward diversity, equity, and inclusion, we design these events to bring folks with a variety of perspectives together to take part in thoughtful conversations about pressing issues.

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New Faculty & Instructors (NFI)

As a part of new instructor onboarding, instructional staff are invited to participate in programming that is particularly relevant to early-career instructors and faculty. CATL also facilitates a resource course to which new instructors, mentors, and other stakeholders are invited where we share announcements, updates, and check-ins for timely topics. This section also shows broader events that may be of particular interest to early-career instructors. (You'll likely notice that these events overlap with programming in other categories. That's by design.) We hope to encourage a culture of lifelong learning among instructors as well as foster community among early-career and experienced teachers alike. Not sure where to start? Drop us a line!

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Communities of Practice

In a "CoP," participants work collaboratively to increase their understanding of a pedagogical concept or issue through regular meetings held throughout the year. A CoP provides a safe space to explore topics, find moral support, exchange ideas and information, and share and implement instructional techniques. Participants explore topics in greater depth than typical workshops, and receive support and input from the community. Communities form many bridges linking participants to deep learning, early-career members to experienced members, isolated teachers to new colleagues, departments to departments, and faculty to students and staff. If you are interested in how to set up a CoP, you may wish to consult this guide created by our System friends at UW-Madison. Interested in working with CATL on a CoP? Let us know!

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Technology Trainings

Whether it be Canvas or any of the related tools which are part of the Digital Learning Environment, CATL is here to support the effective use of technology in instruction! We offer office hours, consultations, workshops, and presentations. Looking for more of these opportunities such as for your department? Let us know! As always, one-on-one consultations are also available.

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Reading Groups

Sometimes centered around a book or series of relevant articles, these seminar-style reading groups allow instructors to engage in a concept or issue relevant to their instruction. Reading groups may be led by CATL facilitators or one of your colleagues. Interested in hosting a reading group through CATL? Reach out to us by email.

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Instructional Development Institute

The Instructional Development Institute is held at UW-Green Bay each January hosted by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and the Instructional Development Council. This conference features a series of workshops and presentations exploring teaching & learning practices, pedagogical issues, specific challenges in instruction, high-impact practices, and more.

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Fun & Games

A little levity is on the menu. This category of CATL-hosted events includes Instructor Appreciation Day, literal game nights, social gatherings, and other less formalized get-togethers with an eye towards bandwidth recovery.

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