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Center for the Advancement of Teaching & Learning


Events & Programming

The Center offers an array of programming centered on continuous improvement in teaching and learning. Check out the links below to visit the associated page or related posts on The Cowbell (CATL's blog). Handouts, recordings, and further resources from past events can be found in the CATL toolbox. Also watch for for announcements in our TeAch Tuesday e-mails.

Upcoming Events

The Fall Showcase (October 2020)
Have you ever put in a ton of work to overhaul a class? How about committee work to assess a program? This work is often thankless and goes unnoticed. The Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and the Provosts’ Office seek to change that with an event specifically designed to spotlight this important [...]
Fall Training Opportunity: Pivotal Pedagogy
Managing chaos is better when you have friends. The CATL staff always has your back, but we also have a fall cohort training for those who missed out on the ones this summer. The fall cohort is open to those who were unable to engage in a CATL advanced training, but yet are trying to translate their [...]


CATL hosts workshops centered around timely issues and the needs of instructors at UWGB. Groups and departments can schedule a workshop or sparkshop. Instructors can also stay tuned to TeAch Tuesday communications for CATL-initiated events.

Tough Talks

These talks engage our entire campus community in difficult conversations about the state of teaching, learning, and higher education. We designed them to bring folks with a variety of perspectives together to take part in thoughtful conversations about pressing issues.

Communities of Practice

CATL offers Communities of Practice to build space for instructors to learn together, share their knowledge, discuss their experiences, and engage in practice surrounding a common theme or issue.

Reading Groups

Sometimes centered around a book or series of relevant articles, these seminar-style reading groups allow instructors to engage in a concept or issue relevant to their instruction. Reading groups may be led by CATL facilitators or one of your colleagues.

Fun & Games

A little levity never hurts. This category of CATL hosted events includes Instructor Appreciation Day, literal game nights, social gatherings, and other less formalized get-togethers.


Have you ever put in a ton of work to overhaul a class, curriculum, or student support program? This work is often thankless and goes unnoticed. CATL, the Provosts’ Office, and the Office of Institutional Strategy and Effectiveness seek to change that. Showcases put a spotlight on work that regularly gets overlooked. 

Instructional Development Institute

The Instructional Development Institute is held at UW-Green Bay each January hosted by the Center for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning and the Instructional Development Council. This one-day conference features a series of workshops and presentations exploring teaching & learning practices, pedagogical issues, specific challenges in instruction, high-impact practices, and more.

Technology Trainings

Whether it be Canvas or any of the related tools which are part of the Digital Learning Environment, CATL is here to support the effective use of technology in instruction! We offer ad hoc trainings, consultations, webinars (live and recorded), and scheduled sessions. Looking for one of these opportunities? Let us know!