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CDCPs strengthen care in our communities.

We are committed to providing resources for employees, partners and collaborators of the CDCP Program. Reference materials and toolkits will continue to be added to this resource library.

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Resource Library

Learn more about how you can become involved. Whether you are a CDCP searching for a job, an employer looking for talent, a teacher who wants to refer a student, or an agency seeking to understand how the CDCP program benefits you, this is the place to start.

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Certified Direct Care Professionals

We're Here to Help

We offer employee resources to provide information and support that can assist you professionally and personally. You will find resources on how to write a resume, how to access and apply for healthcare benefits, and much more. Learn how to become a CDCP:

We also offer microcredential training courses to continue your career training. Learn more about microcredentials.

View Resources & Support

Looking for a Job?

WisCaregiver Connections, powered by Handshake, can help you find the perfect fit. You can search for jobs with eligible employers and agencies, upload resumes and other documents, and find career-related events and job fairs — all from a single software application.

Find a Job

Refer a Friend

Do you have friends or family who you think would enjoy becoming a CDCP? You can earn $250 for every friend you refer who become a CDCP.

Learn the Details (REQUIRES LOGIN?) (pdf)

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High School Teachers

Curriculum Overview

We encourage you to help your students start their health care career through the WisCaregiver Careers platform. WisCaregiver Careers offers a free, online training initiative to help students gain credentials, earn cash incentives, and find employment in health care. View the CDCP curriculum overview for competency and learning objectives.

CDCP Curriculum Overview (pdf)

Or download the CDCP Program Fact Sheet:

Refer a Student

WisCaregiver Careers also rewards teachers who refer students to the program. For more information, see our teacher referral flyer (REQUIRES LOGIN?) (pdf).

Incorporate the CDCP Training

If you are interested in incorporating the CDCP training into an existing course at your school, contact the UW-Green Bay CDCP Help Desk at (920) 465-2315 or

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Employers, Providers & Agencies

Are you looking for additional direct care professionals to support the community you serve? Are you interested in boosting the skills of your staff? The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) offers an exciting opportunity to expand and support your direct care workforce — at no charge to you.

Our new WisCaregiver Connections workforce platform is a one-stop resource for employers and job seekers. Simply fill out the form to register as a WisCaregiver Careers CDCP employer and you can post job openings, screen candidate profiles, and view credentialing details. We encourage you to register as a WisCaregiver Careers CDCP employer today!

Register as an Employer

Want to know more before applying? Learn more about registering as a WisCaregiver Careers CDCP employer.

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Are you an agency that contracts with, advocates for, regulates, or supports direct care workers or agencies that hire direct care workers? If you work in any of the below areas, WisCaregiver Careers is here to support you as a collaborator.

  • Division of Quality Assurance
  • Division of Medicaid Services
  • Division of Public Health
  • Managed Care Organization (MCO)
  • IRIS consulting agency
  • Fiscal employment agency
  • Advocacy organization

See how the Wisconsin Department of Health Services is addressing the workforce crisis in our state.

What We're Doing

Learn how DHS agencies are working together to break down obstacles for caregivers and employers to create ladders, lattices and pathways to provide career advancement and specialization.

  • Need links
  • Need links
  • Need links

If your organization has training opportunities for direct care workers and you want to attract new participants, see how you can become a training partner.

Employee Resources

We put together a list of helpful links specific to supporting caregivers and CDCP employees.

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Don't hesitate to ask us. We're here for you.

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